It's All Write - All Submissions 2017

569 writers sent their stories to the 2017 "It's All Write!"

"The Girl I Fell In Love With" "Warfarin" "Test 314"
"Everybody Wants to Be a Superhero" "The Tragedy of Promise" "The Sky and the Land "
"Hot Chocolate" "Capricorn" "The origin of perfection"
"Summer Vacation" "The Boy and His Angel" "The Difficult Ability to Let Go"
"A Bullfrog's Croak" "The Fight" "Promises"
"The Poison Betrayal" "the titans' freedom" "Shut in"
"Last Love" "The Outlawed Reaching to the Caged" "Paralyzed"
"Stories" "Shadowed and Seized" "Frozen Food"
"brinish sweetness" "The Divine Hunger" "Older"
""The Last Game"" "Long Ways Away" "Flatline"
"Tree With no Life" "The Therapist" "Where am I?"
"The disease" "Government Expirements" "A Death"
"Illusions" "Shadowless" "Writing Letters"
"Life in the Office" "the only way out of this world" "The Change"
"Rebellion" "They Came For My Tusks" "The Pursuit of Life"
"Game Changer" "Weather Report" "A Flash Before The Eyes"
"Reminiscene" "statue" "Split Path"
"Cellist" "All Alone " "A Fading Star"
"A Single Tear" "Under The Bed" "Miss Misunderstood"
"Let The Ocean Take Me" "The Epitaph of the Camellia Flower" "Knock knock, why are you here?"
"vision." "Ms. Delacruz" "The Orange Tree"
"Painfully Ace" "Run" "Fighting The Battle"
"25 Pills" "Just An Average Joe" "What Doesn't Kill You "
"Red, White, and Who?" "An Intentional Apocalypse " "Trudie's Goose"
"Hello, Again" "Teardrops on my cowboy hat" "The Island Hunter"
"Parish's Wish" "Dear Future Me" "Some Scars Never Heal"
"The Wrong Wish" "The Underground" "Birthday Party with a Twist"
"Snowy Eyes" "The Winter of Cats and Ashes" "Ending Relationships"
"Too Young" "Stars On Our Side" "Fears of Death"
"The Street Lamp" "The Knock" "Where I Belong"
"The Forest" "The Dragon and the Blue Jay" "Behind the corridor"
"Tango With Art" ""The Happy Place"" "(Not)Made for this life."
"For now" "Clan" "Procrastinate and your Failure will be Definite"
"Rumors" "The Maiden And The Sorcerer" "The Lake of Nova"
"Dreams in Tehran" "She Bends, She Breaks" "Monday Adventures"
"Wouldn't Be My Last" "Flirt" "The familiar"
"Next Day" "When The Sky Breaks" "24 Hours"
"Castle In the Storm " "A Cashed in Life" "A Day in the Life"
"Incongruous " "Mind Over Matter" "But Why?"
"The Cycle" "It" "Questions"
"In Memoriam" "Perspective" "That Kind of Day"
"Agony" "The Old Man's Typewriter" "Frostbitten Memories"
"The Reason Beckett Stowe Smiled" "The Collector" "Beyond the City Gray"
"Seriousness is Not Curiousness" "The Color Blue" "Mountain At My Gates"
"How My Life Changed in One Night" "The truth" "Book of the Forgotten King"
"Angel from Heaven" "The Heist" "The Dangerous Puzzle"
"Never Give Up" "Wild Ones" "Nice To Finally Meet You"
"Swim With the Mermaids" "Friend of the Enemies" "Another World Indeed"
"Part of A Whole" "The Rumor" "Timiditas Est Facultatem Vincere"
"Train Car" "Hard BackKevasi" "The Red Wolf Heroine"
"The Boy In the Forrest" "An Unforgettable Trip" "The Best Day Ever!"
"The Back Door" "Brace" "The Competition"
"Labels?" "One Boy and an Apple" "Paralysed"
"Too Late" "Fact Behind the Fraud" "Ghosts and Demons"
"The Carnival" "A Time to Travel" "The Hood"
"The lost city" "Life of Cambree" "The Unkown"
"The Survivors" "Mixed City: Please Don’t Go" "The Lost Soul"
"The Boy Next Door" "Never Coming Back" "The Juggler"
"5 Million 270 Thousand Seconds" "Surprise!" "Why I Loved You"
"Do You Believe in Magic?" "Aboard the Titanic 1912" "The creature"
"Time and Time Again" "The Empress" "Dans le Trou de Lapin (Down the Rabbit Hole)"
"How Could I Have Forgotten" "The Night's Cry" "Lucky"
"The Simple World " "The Golden Arrow Archers" "My survival of the sinking of the Titanic"
"How to get into Heaven" "The Death Drop" "Under the Sunlight"
"Citizens of War" "Just Another Zombie" "Remember Me Singing"
"Woof- A Dog's Note to Society" "A Different World" "Trapped"
"Leave" "ADVENTURES IN TUMBLEWEED" "Guilt is always there"
"Men In The Dark Glasses" "Misfire " "The Black Diamond"
"Wake Up" "personal essay" "The principal’s office"
"Eyeshadow-Brows" "Dancing" "Smoke"
"The Cries of Lost Souls" "Believe It Or Not" "Kidnapped"
"Soaring" "The Cheese" "I Found Myself"
"Her last visit" "The End Of The World" "Stolen"
"The Mystery on Main Street" "Broken Borders" "Ugly words"
"The beginning" "The Ebbing of the Pine" "The game"
"Three Feet Tall" "Tomorrow " "Always Treasure your Childhood"
"Shark Encounter" "The Bridge" "The Hit"
"Change" "My Words" "Lifted up"
"How the Rose got its Thorns" "Starlight and the Three Wishes" "Flow's Journey"
"The Three Little Buckeyes and the Big Bad Wolverine" "Snow Black " "Andrew's Gift "
"This is Love" "Pat has No Talent" "I Feel, Therefore I See"
"Why The Tree Looses It's Leaves" ""Activism"" "The Other Brother"
"Taxi" "Love Will be the Death of Me" "Journey to the beyond"
"The Land of Shadows" "The Decisions " "The Stone House"
"Take It" "The Spell" "The Lost Souls Of Room 132!"
"Lake Michigan Disaster." "The Unknown Island" "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha"
"The Man Who Couldn’t Understand" "Battered Up!" "Under the Weeping Willow"
"Hawk of the Night" "The Spotlight" "The Lost Puppy"
"Logan's Reality" "The Library Sisters" "My Stubborn Afterlife"
"What I Can Do" "The Alien Takeover" "The Journey"
"This Dark Hole" "The Golden King" "In the Spotlight"
"If Only" "Revenge" "In Our Eyes... They Shine"
"Mysteries of Life" "The World Beyond" "The Story of Us"
"The last days of the queen of hearts" "Unforgettable " "Princess of Mystery"
"Bejar" "Mysterious Transmission" "A Toadly Awesome Toad Choir"
"The Boy" "Kristen's Troubling Morning " "The Storm"
"Shear Stress" "Bucket Kicker" "What If..."
"Drifters" "The Conundrum of Lorelei" "Belphegor and Geometry"
"Always a Good Day for Pie" "A Smug Encounter" "Larry the Squirrel"
"Love Never Dies" "Henry's Book" "U.F.O"
"A Dangerous Passion - Flash Fiction" "The Monsters In Us" "Breaking"
"DECK " "Unseen" "Vanished Pages"
"Peter's Beard" "The Butterfly Project" "Hands and Clay"
"Neven's Boat " "Migration " "Scars to Your Beautiful"
"Underestimated" "An Ideal Woman" "Take to the Sun"
"Revenge of the Pariah" "The True Story of Bertil Strandström" "Overshadowed Match (A Muhammad Ali Story)"
"Wrong Time" "Night Shift" "Too Much"
"Clash" "The Conjuring" "Reading Poetry "
"The Story About Angel's Life With Her Dad" "Love at First Sight?" "Kumari "
"Moving Away" "Who Am I?" "After a Nightmare"
"Never Ending Nightmare" "Iris" "A Shiver In Her Spine "
"The Mysterious Gift" "Infinity " "The dog"
"Red" "Dear Girl in the Yellow Coat" "happily ever after"
"Chasing the Sun" "The color of her blood" "Special Delivery"
"Play It Again" "The Ninth" "The Truth Hurts"
"Far Away" "Treasure in the Heart" "Gold Winnin'"
"Matter of Seconds" "Groundbreaking Girls" "Senior Scavenger Hunt: Item #1"
"Blank Screen, Blank Walls" "Sink" "Seussophobic"
""The First Date Silence"" "Sunny Socks" "Gurgling Flamingos"
"Lies" "Diary of the Unbelieved " "The Grey Plague"
"A Cry for Help" "California" "Rapture"
"Things Aren't Always What They Seem " "The Break Out" "Dormitory"
"Commute " "This One Favor" "Injected"
"Her Story " "Tag" "I Do"
"Olympic Kick in the Face" "Refuge" "The Case of a Math Test in a Court of Stuffed Animals "
"Paralyzed" "The Viking and Her Axe" "Fugue "
"Alone" "Shattered" "Take One For The Team"
"A Divided Mind" "Maverick" "The End is Near"
"Escape" "Jude and Jessica" "Of water"
"Street Corner Gold" "Without Words" "What Was to What Is and What Will Be"
"Fists" "Mr. Bullfrog Has the Last Word" "Reflection"
"The Job" "Heat" "Industry"
"The Same Each Day" "Rapture" "Gangnam Style "
"Red Ribbon" "The Blue Killing " "Chalkboard Society"
"the willow and the sea" "daffodils" "To Beat Perfection"
"Interlude" "Blossom" "We Still Love You Toru"
"The Death of a Rich Man" "Blank Silence" "If the Moon Were a Girl."
"The Queen's Disguise" "Hunger" "Survivors Guide to Drinking"
"Good Luck" "The Vicious World" "Broken Boy"
"The Walls Are Cracking" "Open New File" "Living the Natural Life"
"Leave the Doors Open" "On the Wind of the Morning" "Without"
"Call me. Later." "The Turtle Who Didn't Learn to Swim" "Watchman"
"Savior" "Angels" "Imagination, or How Young Girls Learn to Fly"
"Secret Santa" "Apples and Test Booklets" "A Heavy Light"
"The Heirs to Asphodel " "Excerpt from Shadows in the Sky" "Mer & His Mother"
"The Little Worries " "A Hymn from a Mother" "Oscar"
"The Ruckus" "The Jewel Thief" "The Siren"
"The Traveling Hat" "Maple Grove Haunting " "On the side of a road"
"The unknown receiver " "The Funhouse" "Stardust"
"The Power of Vengeance" "Capgras Delusion" "Retention"
"Mannhy" "A Kid No Longer" "Rap Songs and Purple Hair"
"Medical Supplies and Insubordination" "Basin City" "Ex Machina"
"The Thirteenth Worry" "Cold Cement" "Superhuman"
"senior" "Disgustingly Mine" "The True Order"
"Hero of the Shadows" "Love You Too" "Crushed"
"The Betrayal" "The Solider " "His & Hers"
"10:00PM" "Forgotten" "The Day of Roaches"
"Pretty Polly" "Dying to Live" "The Charred Remnants of a Childhood"
"Final Goodbye" "Tree Life" "An Almost "I Do""
"The Eve of Emeral Endings" "Her Life and Mine and Yours" "Beauty in Plain Sight"
"Yellow Jackets In Contrast To Red Armbands" "Starman" "A Forlorn Paradise of Lied"
"Declarations of Love Take More Than a Minute" "Yo-OWW!" "Rolling Thunder"
"Greens and Growing Up" "Streetlights" "A Night without You"
"The Tale of a Mouse" "Cookie Cutter Houses" "Joy"
"The Revenge of "Smith""