What's Happening This Week!

HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS: Adults and teens can design heroes and villains and create awesome adventures at the Wednesday, July 23 session of Super Comics Challenge with comic artist Jerzy Drozd at 6 pm at Malletts Creek Branch. Teens can also Tie-dye their T-shirts at 7 pm on Monday July 21 at Malletts Creek Branch, learn how to juggle with professional juggler Jason Kollum (pictured above) on Wednesday July 23 at 2 pm at Pittsfield Branch, or try their rock-climbing skills at Planet Rock - 82 Aprill Drive (off Jackson Road) (pre-registration required) on Friday July 25 at 1:15 pm.. Kids can get started with computer programming on Thursday July 24 at 6 pm a the Downtown Library.

CRAFTS: It is summer and the perfect time for kids to create paper jellyfish on Tuesday, July 22 at 2 pm at the Pittsfield Branch or make pinwheel flowers on Thursday July 24 at 2 pm at Traverwood Branch. Kids can also make superhero capes on Friday July 25 at 2 pm at Pittsfield Branch.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Adults and teens can enjoy a relaxing yoga session on Tuesday July 22 at 6 pm at Malletts Creek Branch.

MEETUP FOR WRITERS: Adults and teens writers can share their work at Traverwood Branch at 7 pm on Thursday July 24 at this month's Emerging Writers Meetup.

NERD NITE ANN ARBOR: Macrophages, Traffic Tactics, and the Hippocampus are the topics for the Thursday July 24 Nerd Nite Ann Arbor session, sponsored by AADL at LIVE on 102 S 1st Street. Adults are invited to show up, have a drink, meet other nerds, and learn a bunch of awesome stuff. It's “...like the Discovery Channel™…with beer!” Doors open at 6:30 pm, the speakers start at 7 pm and there is no cover.



Ann Arbor Rec & Ed is running SAFETY TOWN CAMP 2014 for all children entering Kindergarten in the Fall.

Here is a LIBRARY LIST of titles to teach safety with elementary school children.
The following topics are especially included:
Stranger Safety SAY NO And GO: Stranger Safety
Animal Safety MAY I PET YOUR DOG?
Getting Lost I LOST MY DAD
Personal Boundaries BECAUSE IT'S MY BODY

Ann Arbor Art Fairs: AADL has the Good Stuff

As the Ann Arbor Art Fairs open today, you can learn a lot from AADL. Take a look at 50 Years of Originality: A History of the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, a digital collection which includes over 100 images, plus audio recollections and videos. And if you’re interested in viewing past fair posters from our Art Print Collection, click here.

Exciting new summer releases for adults and teens!

Summer is far from over, and the next few weeks will offer up a release of lots of exciting new summer reads for teens and adults, perfect to bring along on August vacations!

The Queen of the Tearling is the debut novel in a new fantasy series by Erika Johansen. This first book introduces the main character, a princess raised in exile, who begins a perilous journey back to her homeland to attempt to claim the throne that is rightly hers. Although the story brings to mind medieval times, it actually takes place in the 24th century, and the world is as easy to get lost in as Westeros or Panem. Additionally, Warner Brothers has already bought rights to make a movie of the book, and Emma Watson will star in the film!

Dollbaby, by Laura Lane McNeal is a coming-of-age story set in New Orleans in the 1960s and 70s. Upon her father’s death, 12-year-old Ibby is dropped off at the home of her eccentric grandmother Fannie, whom she has never met. Taken under the wing of the housekeeper, Queenie, and her daughter ‘Dollbaby,’ Ibby grows up with a backdrop of the Vietnam War and events surrounding the passing of the Civil Rights Act. As she gets older, she learns more and more about the life of Fannie, and about the events that have shaped her into who she is today. Reviewers of this book have called it “heart-warming” and “beautiful” and it is certainly a must-read for historical fiction fans.

Landline is the latest novel by favorite author Rainbow Rowell. Fans of hers will be excited to read work by her more geared towards adults, but with the same wonderful character development and believability that she is known for in her YA novels. Landline tells the story of Georgie’s crumbling marriage, and through flashbacks (and some tinges of the paranormal) readers see the circumstances that have lead Georgie to where she is today. Readers experience through Georgie her own struggles in making choices about the decisions that many of us make in our lives surrounding career, family, and home. Despite the magical element to the story, Landline is a relatable and realistic read.

Public Elevator at Downtown Library Out of Service

The public elevator in the Downtown Library failed a routine safety inspection earlier this month, and is out of service. The repairs needed will require that the elevator remain out of service for most of this summer. We are not planning on having the elevator back in operation before Labor Day weekend. If you are visiting the Downtown Library and are unable to use the stairway, please ask any AADL staff person for assistance. We will escort you through staff areas to the freight elevator in order to get you to your desired location in the Library.

The lower level of the Downtown Library will be closed to the public when the repairs are being made. We know that there will be noise and unpleasant fumes from the work. We expect work to begin soon after July 1. If at all possible the noisiest and most unpleasant work will be done mornings before the Library opens. The noise, vibration, and fumes may require that the Library be closed during regular hours and on short notice. We will do our best to make these decisions in a manner that is respectful of your time and your need for the services available in the Downtown location of the AADL.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience, and hopefully, it will remain merely an inconvenience. Please let me know if we need to do more for you while the public elevator is being repaired.


Today's Events at the Ann Arbor District Library



Tuesday July 22, 2014: 10:00 am to 11:00 am -- Malletts Creek Branch: Program Room

Preschool Storytimes

Tuesday July 22, 2014: 10:00 am to 10:30 am -- Downtown Library: Youth Story Corner

Preschool Storytimes

Tuesday July 22, 2014: 11:00 am to 11:30 am -- Traverwood Branch: Program Room

Jolly Paper Jellyfish

Tuesday July 22, 2014: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm -- Pittsfield Branch: Program Room

Community Vinyasa Yoga

Tuesday July 22, 2014: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm -- Malletts Creek Branch: Program Room

English as a Second Language Conversation Group

Tuesday July 22, 2014: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Traverwood Branch: Program Room

Current & Upcoming Exhibits at the Ann Arbor District Library

Super Snazz: Multi-Media Collage and Assemblage By Dan Mulholland

Now through August 28, 2014 -- Downtown Library: 3rd Floor Exhibit

New Art Prints from the AADL Collection

August 5, 2014 through September 11, 2014 -- Malletts Creek Branch: Exhibits

Historic Ann Arbor Architecture

Monday August 25, 2014: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Pittsfield Branch: Program Room

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