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The Silent Spring

On Thursday, April 13, 1962, The Silent Spring by Rachel Carson was published. The book sounded an alarm about the use of chemicals, especially pesticides, and the harm they caused to humans and the environment. The book's publication heralded the beginning of the environmental movement. Carson, an ecologist, took great pleasure in her natural surroundings, and in her observations saw disturbing signs of the effects of these pollutants.

2006 Thumbs Up! Nominee

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie--Vote For Me!
Scott hilariously documents in his journal (not a diary!) the trials and tribulations of his first year in high school – falling in love, drifting apart from his friends, dealing with his mother’s pregnancy, and learning more about himself than he expected.

2006 Thumbs Up! Nominee

Day of Tears -- Vote For Me!
Her master promised Emma that she would never be sold, but in 1859 she and over 400 other slaves were sold during a two-day auction know as “the weeping time.” Based on a heart wrenching true moment in history.

Multiple voices [master, slaves, runaways, adult, child] combine to create a horrific tale of slavery. In many ways this book is more powerful than reading a historic account. If this book is your choice for the best of 2005, vote for it by using the green ballot available at the library and put it in the box posted in the teen area, or give it to the librarian, or e-mail your choice to .

Animanga Club: Naruto vs. Full Metal Alchemist

Anime Full Metal Alchemist Ed

They're short. They're blond. One is cursed with a fox spirit, the other is missing limbs. Who would prevail in an all out contest? UPDATE: Ed is winning.. and check out the AMVs!

Two of the hottest anime/manga series go head to head on May 11th at Malletts Creek. Be there to have your say, see episodes from both series, and eat lots of brownies. Bring your fan art, DVDs(if you have a fav ep), books, etc. Blog responses to this and related threads will get prizes!



Look for Hoot, based on the novel by Carl Hiaasen, which should be coming to AA theaters sometime soon. I'm going to try to make it to the free screening tonight and I'll let you know if I think its any good. I really loved the book, so I hope so.

2006 Thumbs Up! Nominee

Magic or Madness -- Vote For Me!
When her rational, magic-hating mother suffers a mental breakdown, Reason is taken to live with her grandmother, Esmerelda, where she discovers that something as simple as opening a door can bring forth a world of danger. Review after the break.

2006 Thumbs Up! Nominee

Heavy Metal and You -- --Vote For Me!
Sam really, really loves heavy metal music and the head-banging lifestyle. Sam is falling in love with Melissa, a “straightedge” who tries, but doesn’t quite understand his passion. Sam must choose between the two.

2006 Thumbs Up! Nominee

Totally Joe -- Vote For Me!
From Addie (his oldest friend) to Zachary (his newest friend) and all the letters in between, Joe writes the story of his life as an alphabiography for school. Through this he learns about his friends, his family, and his own life as a gay 13-year-old.

2006 Thumbs Up! Nominee

Invisible -- Vote For Me!
Dougie and Andy are best friends. Despite the fact that Andy is a popular jock and Dougie is a loner who likes to play with matches, they talk all the time—especially about the one night when everything started spinning out of control.

Why did Gandhi make salt?

m k gandhi

On April 6, 1930, Mahatma Gandhi made a silent but symbolic protest to British indifference to Indians' civil rights. He and his followers marched 241 miles, leaving March 12th and arriving in the city of Dandi on April 5th. The next day, he made salt by evaporating sea water. This was illegal because only royalty had the privilege of making salt and a heavy tax was placed on everyone else. This protest, in which thousands besides Gandhi were arrested, gained worldwide attention as an example of the effectiveness of non-violent resistance.

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