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Animanga This Fall

Anime Full Metal Alchemist Ed

Planning Animanga Club for this fall is underway. I know everyone said they liked meeting on the Weekends but there are many football Saturdays to compete with in the fall. What about meeting Friday nights? Also, what do you think about doing Full Metal Alchemist in the fall? I also have a call for a Vintage Night.

Pre-Season is Here!

AADL-GT papermario

Start practicing for the AADL-GT Super Smash Double Dash Championship Series on Sunday, July 23, from 12-5pm downtown in the multipurpose room. Size up your opponents and get your clan together for some hard core practice playing Super Smash and Mario Kart. Prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers in Super Smash, Mario Kart single-player and team events. If nothing else, stop by for some pizza and a little single player Mario Kart. Let the trash talking begin!

Super Smash Double Dash: Preseason Tournament Next Sunday!

AADL-GT Pad Logo
AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

It's been a long, long, off-season, but the wait is almost over. The AADL-GT Super Smash Double Dash Championship Series returns with our PRESEASON EVENT next SUNDAY, July 23rd, from Noon-5 PM at the Downtown Library. Registration is now open! This year, we've got several changes to the system planned, the biggest of which being MORE PRIZES! Each Gamecube Tournament will consist of 4 events: Super Smash Bros Free-For-All, Super Smash Bros. Team Battle, Mario Kart Single-Player Race, and Mario Kart Coop Team Race. The top 3 finishers from each event will take home giftcard prizes: $40 for 1st, $30 for 2nd, and $20 for 3rd. For Team Events, the teams will split that prize (you'll each get your own giftcard). So, if you manage to win all 4 events, you could walk home with $120 just from a single tournament!

As always, winning any single event qualifies you for the Grand Championship in december, where you'll have your shot at winning a DS, an iPod, or (hopefully) a BRAND-NEW NINTENDO WII! Read on for details about the the upcoming season...

Into the Wild

Sean Penn is currently filming Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild (1996) about Chris McCandless' ill-fated Alaskan wilderness odyssey of 1992. Although the book is dramatic enough, it's unlikely Penn will spin off, as Krakauer does, into the intriguing stories of other fanatical adventurers--Everett Ruess, John Waterman, Gene Rosellini--who also ventured off into the wild full of ideals and hubris, never to return. Part cautionary tale, Krakauer also does his bit to counter those who would dismiss the bright, Tolstoy-quoting Jack London-loving McCandless as mere crackpot by setting him within the context of other intensely motivated nature lovers (John Muir, Henry David Thoreau) who also retreated from society into the seductive refuge of nature.

Buckminster Fuller- Renaissance Man



July 12 is the 101st birthday of Buckminster Fuller, architect, inventor, engineer and philosopher. Fuller is best known for his invention of the geodesic dome, one of the most revolutionary structural inventions of the twentieth century. Fuller was a rare combination of the romantic and the scientist, one who believed in the possibility of the impossible and with the technical knowledge to bring dreams to fruition. Check out one of his other inventions, the dymaxion house at the Henry Ford Museum.

SNAP! Get Digital.... Camera Classes -

SNAP Digital Camera

If you have a digital camera and want to learn how best to use it - be sure to sign-up for the SNAP! Get Digital Classes (there are 2) on Thursday and Friday July 27 & 28 - from 1:00-3:00 PM - in the DOWNTOWN library computer lab on the 3rd floor. You'll learn about a variety of cameras, what to do with it once you have it, how to get things on your computer, customize your image and send it to your friends. We neglected to tell you to sign-up in AXIS, but you do need to. Just call 327-8301 or visit ANY library reference to reserve your spot. Hope to see you there -

Bird droppings survive space launch!

Bird Poop

Forgive my skepticism but what kind of bird could produce droppings that are impervious to Florida downpours and the shuttle launch?!? Check out this story.

Pirates or Superheroes?

Who said the library isn’t hip and cool? We change with the times and have the perfect books to go along with the popular movies in the box office. Are you interested in getting clued in on insider information on Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean? Check out the Pirates of the Caribbean Visual Guide. If you are more of a superhero fan and camped outside to see the new superman movie, Superman Returns, you should spend time browsing the Superman graphic novels. So the question is: Who would win, Jack Sparrow or Superman, in a fight to the death?

Fabulous Fiction Firsts #27

One of the hottest trends in reading is urban fiction. It’s a sure sign that it is no longer just a fad when The New York Times wrote about it. Alternately called street lit, hip-hop, gangsta lit, or urban fiction, it depicts life on the mean streets, and often prides itself in the authenticity and gritty details of drugs, crimes and violence. Lurid book jackets, profanities, explicit sex, and the lifestyle fueled by easy money add to its appeal.

I met T.J. Williams this week. A Princeton University student, he is not your typical street lit author writing in prison, but maybe that is why his debut novel 5 minutes and 42 seconds was so accessible for my first dip into this genre.

Oh, have no doubt, all the gritty elements are there (the drug-dealing, the illicit sex and the street culture) but it is also a thoughtful and often humorous exploration of the meaning of family and sexuality. Give it a try and check out this reading list for other suggestions.

LEGO Contest Guidelines RELEASED!


AADL's 1st Annual LEGO Contest launches on Wed. August 9 - the guidelines have been released and can be picked up at ANY location. Prizes will be given in 3 categories:
Grades 3-5; Grades 6-8; Grades 9-12 and the special Parent/Child category. Ribbons will be given out in each category for the following: Best Motorized project, Best Architectural/Engineering project, Coolest Robot, Best Vehicle, Most Creative, Most Sophisticated and the ultimate AADL's Lego Master Builder! Winners will get gift certificates for Toys R Us! Get your copy of the guidelines today!

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