"It's All Write!" Congratulations

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During the Ann Arbor Book Festival, teen author, Ron Koertge spoke to finalists of the short story writing contest with humor and insightful advice. And the winners are. . .(click "read more" below)
Middle School Winners:
1st Ben DeVries - "Why I Failed My Math Exam-A Confessional"
2nd Mari Cohen - "The Truth Prisoner"
3rd Dylan Schepers - "Jack Summers"
9th/10th High School Winners:
1st Paul Princen - "Generation Gap"
2nd Alex Gradwohl - "Seeking Strength"
3rd Jordan Pemberton - "It Rained Last Night"
11th/12th High School Winners:
1st Jackie Cohen - "Something Else"
2nd Estelle Drent - "The Fifty-Dollar Fish"
3rd Isabella Decker - "Adam and Laura"

Other Finalists in the three grade categories:
Middle School:
Rebecca Dyck - "Just in Time"
Samantha Rudelich - "Will"
Betsy Mansfield - "An Immigrant's Journey"
Priyanka Menon - "Empathy or Hope"
Josie Ruth Cohen - "Karen's Clone"
Andrew Paulissen - "The Sithils"
Jasmine Powell - "I'll Be Waiting"

9th/10th High School Winners:
Lindsay Fischer - "Symmetrical"
Joon -Hyock Oh - "The Great Barrier Reef"
Nowal Nasir - "The Bargain"
Mira Fishman - "Chickpeas"
Charles Lu - "Helping Out"
Naomi Lin - "The Many Days in a Minute"
Kelly Newman - "The Day Ed (Almost) Died"
Lindsey Maxon - "Purpose"
Allison Reid - "Jimmy Meets Mother Theresa"
Bailey Yi - "Washed Away"
Constance Lam - "The White Carnation"

11th/12th High School Winners:
Emily Grove - "Arys"
Lizzie Rivard - "Washed Away"
Evan Granito - "The Beard"
Sarah Hodin - "Raindance"
Sabrina Na - "Timeless"
Luis Anderson - "Corvus"
Angela Marchand - "Otto"
Amit Ashkenazi - "Kings and Servants"
Andy Seiler - "Nets"
Julia Upfal - "The Wedding"
Lauren Koski - "Stains"
Emma List - "Mission Accomplished"
Applause goes out to ALL the teen writers for their efforts , courage, and creativity, in submitting a story. We hope you all write many, many more stories.