Spring Break Gaming at AADL: Rock Revolution, Retro Octathlon and Beyond!

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Spring Break! Can I get a WOO? No? Regardless, we've got our gaming equipment set up and ready for some weekend showdowns before heading back to the grind next week. First off, we've got Revolution Hero Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution tournaments for All Ages, Friday Night at 6 PM at the Downtown Library. Then on Saturday, we've got Rock Band and Brawl Open Play for grades 6 and up from Noon to 5 PM including some brawling against other libraries. Finally, on Sunday, it's the return of our annual All-Ages Retro Octathlon from 1 to 4 PM including 8 classic videogames, prizes, and some serious nostalgia for serious gaming fans. The 2009 GT season is just around the corner; stay tuned for details!

GT Returns for Midwinter Break with Smash, Little Big Planet, Pokémon and More!

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Midwinter break is upon us, and they say that spring is just around the corner; and a few more corners after that will come the start of the next tournament season! But for now, the off-season plods along and this weekend brings some mild relief from the trudgery of winter with some sweet, sweet videogame bliss.

First off, we've got a Rock Band Tournament for All Ages on Sunday, 2/22, from 1 - 4 PM at the Downtown Library. Form a 4-player band and take the high score to earn more than most bands make over their entire careers! Then, Monday 2/23 come Downtown from 3 - 9 PM for our Annual Game & Plan Meetup with Smash open play, followed by a Brawl Regulation No Items Throwdown starting at 6 PM for grades 6 and up.

Then, on Tuesday 2/24, we've got a Kid's open play from 1 - 5 PM followed by our first-ever LittleBIGPlanet tournament from 6 - 9 PM for all ages! Come try for a high score on our specially-designed race course, with the top scorers advancing to finals on community survival challenges!

Finally, our Pokémon series continues on Wednesday 2/25 with a Pokémon Tournament at Malletts Creek Branch from 1 - 5 PM. Will some hardcore Pokéfan have an import copy of Pokémon Platinum to show off? Perhaps!

Get out of the house and come to the library! We'll keep you entertained.

All Your Grand Championships Are Belong To Us

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IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN. School is almost out for the year; the 4 rounds of the SmashKart regular season are behind us, and the town is filled with slush. That means it's time for the 5th Annual AADL-GT SmashKart Grand Championships and Festival of Noobs! er, Wildcard Tournament, I meant Wildcard Tournament! It all happens this Saturday, December 20, starting at High Noon at the Downtown Library! Prizes include a Wii, an iPod touch, a DS, and a Shuffle; plus hot new AADL-GT Tshirts for all attendees! Then the season wraps up with our 2nd annual Grudge Buffet, Clan Cup Finals, and GT Awards on Monday, 12/22 at 6 PM featuring food by Salsarita's! Don't miss it, and read on for full details about these highly anticipated events

Videogame Tournaments at Your Library: December Events!

aadlman: If Ann Arbor was a Megaman game, one of the bosses would be AADLMAN.

It's December in Ann Arbor. You know what that means... a fresh infusion of salty brown slush. That, plus AADL-GT's 5th Annual Grand Championship Tournament Weekend! The action gets going Friday Night, 12/19 at 6 PM with our final Revolution Hero Tournament for All Ages featuring Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero tournaments for players of all skill levels. Then, at High Noon on Saturday 12/20, the 2008 SmashKart Wildcard Tournament and Grand Championships bring together players in grades 6 - 12 for Ann Arbor's hottest gaming event, with a Wii, iPod, and DS up for grabs to the Grand Champions! We wrap up the season with Public Library Pokémon League on Sunday 12/21 from 1-5 PM, and then finally the 2nd Annual GT Awards, Clan Cup Finals, and Grudge Buffet featuring the finest comestibles that Salsarita's has to offer, on Monday, 12/22 at 6 PM. All events at the Downtown Library in the lower level Multipurpose Room. Food and prizes at all events!

Come spend your weekend being LOUD at the library.

AADL-GT old logo: AADL-GT: Videogame tournaments from the Ann Arbor District LibraryAADL-GT old logo: AADL-GT: Videogame tournaments from the Ann Arbor District Library

The weekend after Thanksgiving we have three straight days of video game heaven. Friday - Revolution Hero, Saturday - AADL-GT, and Sunday PL2. Who would believe your library could be this much fun?

Friday Night | 11/28 | 6PM-8:30PM - REVOLUTION HERO - Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution
-Two all ages tournaments with prizes for the top three in each
-High Powered Sound systems, Cobalt Flux pads
Saturday | 11/29 | 12PM-5PM - AADL-GT - Gaming Tournament series (middle & high school students only)
-Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Double Dash
-Four tournaments with prizes and pizza for lunch.
Sunday Afternoon | 11/30 | 1PM-4PM - PL2 - Public Library Pokemon League
-Battle Revolution and Union Room Tournaments with prizes for the overall top three
-Bring your Nintendo DS and copy of Pokémon Diamond or Pearl and get ready to battle
-Open Play too!

National Gaming Day: THE AADL EPICENTER

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This Saturday is the first-ever American Library Association's National Gaming Day @ Your Library. We'll be hosting a Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament, plus DDR and maybe a little Rock Band. AADL's tournament management software, gtsystem is the center of this event, and we'll be coordinating simultaneous events at over 100 libraries, including a 40+ library national brawl bracket, where the best players from around the country will square off online! Don't miss it, this Saturday 11/15 from 1 - 5 PM at our Malletts Creek Branch. Hope to see you there! A2 FTW.

Super Bonus Newsflash! Brawl and Rock Band this Friday at Traverwood Cosplay

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Hey Smashfans, we'll have two stations of Brawl and our Rock Band kit set out at the new Traverwood Branch this Friday, 11/7 from 7-8:30 PM for players grades 6 and up. If we get enough brawlers, we could try a special modes tournament or something. There will also be DDR and cosplay; feel free to come in costume, or not. Hope to see you there!

AADL-GT Round 3: Phoenix Flourish

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Just over a week ago (sorry guys), The AADL-GT Series continued with Round 3 events of the 2008 season. With only one more regular event to go before the Grand Championships in December, the time was ripe for players and clans to make a move in the standings. We saw some familiar faces at the top of the individual events, as DingDong, Hot_ArmS, and SwordSensei repeated their top 4 performance of the Smash singles event. As we turned to the Smash team event, AADL again went up against EVPL and PLCMC in internet play, which saw another victory for AADL despite breaking our unbeaten streak. On to Mario Kart Double Dash (for maybe the last time?) for Kart Singles, which went straight to an 8 player final from the pool qualifiers, with perennial favorites Dale W and Johninabox battling to an epic finish. After Team Kart closed the regular events of the day with a quick 4 match event, we moved onto the Clan Battle, with surprising results. Read on for more details.

AADL-GT Round 3 Registration is Open

Sign ups are open for this weekend's set of events! Head to the Registration Page and grab your spot for Smash Bros. and Mario Kart.

AADL-GT Round 2: Asian Invasion Ascendent

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Round 2 of the AADL-GT 2008 Season saw a surge from the Asian Invasion clan behind strong showings from members Hot_ArmS, SwordSensei, and DingDong in the Smash Singles event, but The Whole Famn Damily clan stayed strong as well on Saturday with members Dale W and masteraj racing to the finals in Kart Singles. We also saw AADL represent nationally in online Smash Brothers play against teams from EVPL, PLCMC, and WBTPL. New clans Phoenix and The Vikings joined diametrically opposed clans A Solo Special Ops and We're Better Than Special Ops for a place in the clan battle, featuring a surprising ending in the mystery game. Read on for more details.

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