Spring Break Gaming at AADL: Rock Revolution, Retro Octathlon and Beyond!

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Spring Break! Can I get a WOO? No? Regardless, we've got our gaming equipment set up and ready for some weekend showdowns before heading back to the grind next week. First off, we've got Revolution Hero Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution tournaments for All Ages, Friday Night at 6 PM at the Downtown Library. Then on Saturday, we've got Rock Band and Brawl Open Play for grades 6 and up from Noon to 5 PM including some brawling against other libraries. Finally, on Sunday, it's the return of our annual All-Ages Retro Octathlon from 1 to 4 PM including 8 classic videogames, prizes, and some serious nostalgia for serious gaming fans. The 2009 GT season is just around the corner; stay tuned for details!


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Be shore to chekc fur gramitacle erorz

YAY!!!! BRAWL!!!!! lol. Finnaly I get to face other librarys! I think im gonna win to.. Who knows? lol. will it be ok to record our matches? This is going to be fun!



what are the dates for this event?

He listed them all! lol. I can help you if you tell me what event.


i just wanted to know what Sat & Sun... This one, next... have we missed it? is it for the 18th & 19th?