Championship Weekend is Upon Us!

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It's mid-December, and you know what that means... the AADL-GT 2007 Grand Championships have arrived, the culmination of months of preliminary rounds with big prizes on the line! But first, a warm-up Super Smash Bros. Regulation Tournament for Low and Bottom Tier Characters only, Friday Night 12/14 at 6 PM. Then, the action continues on Saturday 12/15 with the Wildcard tournament for grades 6-12 at Noon, and then the 2007 Grand Championships starting at 2:00. Then, the weekend wraps up with a tour through the Mario universe at the Mario-Rama, Sunday 12/16 from 1-4 PM for All Ages!

The biggest news is that huge thanks are due to Nintendo of America, who have donated a brand-new, even-harder-to-get-a-year-later Wii for the grand prize winner on Saturday! The prize pool also includes an iPod Nano, an iPod shuffle, and a Nintendo DS! Read on for more details...

2007 Grand Championships: Coming December 15th!

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With the end of the regular season behind us, and the 2007 Grand Championships just days away, it's time to savor. Savor the calm before the maelstrom. SAVOR IT. The end of the season is nigh, and with it, an end to a season marked forever by the dominance of one amazing clan: The unstoppable CLAN US. US owned every event again at round 4, even storming back to win at Donkey Konga and claim their third Clan Battle title of the season.

Now, with US securely seated atop the single player and clan leaderboards, there's only one question heading into the Grands: Can US be beaten? At all? By anybody? Come to the Grand Championships at the Downtown Libary on 12/15 to find out! Read on for full tournament details.

Black Friday Pokémon Showdown!

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Are you a Pokémon trainer? Do you think your Pokémon are pretty tough? Wouldn't you like to know for sure? AADL is pleased to provide an opportunty for the best and most enthusiastic Pokémon trainers from in and around Ann Arbor to come together, test their mettle, and see if they've got what it takes to make it to the finals of the most exciting Pokémon event in town. It's our first-ever Black Friday Pokémon Tournament, this Friday, 11/23, from Noon - 5 PM at the Downtown Library. Bring your DS and your copy of Pokémon Diamond or Pearl with your Pokémon ready to rumble, or try our house Pokémon if you don't have the game. A portion of this event will also be recorded and broadcast on Comcast channel 18 on Saturdays 11/24 and 12/1 at 3PM, so be sure to tune in, and read on for full details!

Guitar Hero, Super Smash, DDR: The Last Tournament Weekend of the Regular Season!

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The 4th Annual GT Season continues to hurtle towards its thrilling conclusion with a tournament weekend featuring something for everyone, and even a live tournament broadcast! The action gets underway Friday night, 11/9, at 6:00 PM with simultaneous Guitar Hero and Pikmin 2 Tournaments for all ages at the downtown library! Guitar Hero I, II, the 80's, and even brand-new GHIII may make an appearance, so come ready to SHRED. Then, the last round of the 2007 Super Smash Double Dash Championship Series for grades 6-12 hits Saturday, 11/10, from Noon - 5 PM featuring a LIVE broadcast on CTN channel 18 from 3-4:30! So, if you haven't already submitted a release form, be sure to bring a signed one! Then, the weekend wraps up on Sunday, 11/11, with an All-Ages DDR Tournament from 1 - 4 PM. Come check it out and avoid raking the leaves you're supposed to be raking this weekend!

Also, come back the day after thanksgiving for our first-ever Pokémon Battle Revolution Tournament! Bring your DS and your copy of Diamond or Pearl to see if your Pokémon have what it takes to beat some of the most serious trainers around! All battles will be double battle with a 3-Pokémon party. Elimination rounds will be open to Pokémon of any level, but qualifiers will be held in the Union Room, which means you'd better have a good party of Pokémon level 30 or under, too! That event will also be recorded and broadcast the next day!

Round 3 Results: Roysterless Us still Unstoppable

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Last month, Clan Us proved that they weren't a one-trick pony. This month, they proved that the pony can still do multiple tricks repeatedly even if you cut off 2 of its strongest legs. That's one strong pony. Even without the presence of the mighty Royster brothers and even missing their solid third-stringer [gtplayer:504], Us was still able to dominate the afternoon with only smash masters #1 [gtplayer:788] (also known as lain) and #2 [gtplayer:483], plus the increasingly impressive double threat [gtplayer:382], who is now ranked 3rd over all, as Us hangs onto the top 4 spots on the leaderboard even with the amazing #4 [gtplayer:614] having missed an entire event. Us stayed pegged atop the clan standings all day and narrowly missed a victory sweep, even triumphing once again in the clan battle surprise game, Pixeljunk Racers. Read on for full event details.

DDR, Guitar Hero, Super Smash, Wii Tennis and More: Another Tournament Weekend!

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It's GT time again! This weekend, we've got some great events lined up for you at the Downtown library, starting with our first-ever All -Ages Rhythm Master Tourney, Friday Night 10/19 from 6-8:30 PM. Come work your way through 8 different Rhythm and Music games to earn a top score and a trip to the finals. Some of these games you've played, but probably not all of them, so come check it out and see if you've got what it takes! Then, our Super Smash Double Dash Championship Series continues Saturday, 10/20, from Noon - 5 PM, with Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart tournaments for Singles and Teams. Finally, come back for a Wii Sports Tennis Doubles Tournament for All Ages Teams, Sunday, 10/21, from 1-4 PM.

It'll be a great weekend of tournaments at the Downtown Library! Hope to see you all there.

GT Round 2 Results: A very good day for Us

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AADL-GT history was made today when legendary supertitans Clan Us stormed to victory in all four events, earning an astounding 11,190 points, capturing half of the day's top 4 spots, and topping it off with a clan battle win at Calling All Cars for PS3. This is also the day when Us established their true depth as a clan with balance, ending their smash-centric reputation and cementing themselves as a potent, multilayered, unstoppable force. That puts Us in the amazing position of holding the top 4 spots on the season leaderboard, with Shin Oroachimaru in #1 after an amazing day.

Right behind remains the Brothers of Maplewood, racking up 4 top 4 finishes and 6810 points, a score that would have put them atop the leaderboard on another day, who also proved greater depth today, taking 2nd in Smash Teams.

This season continues to collapse into an epic struggle between these two mountains of talent, with the 6 of Us and the 6 Brothers of Maplewood accounting for 12 of the top 14 spots on the leaderboard. Read on for full details.

Super Smash and Mario Kart Tournament Extravaganza!

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The 2007 Super Smash Double Dash Championship season returns to the downtown library this weekend with a Smash & Dash filled couple of days for players of all ages! It all begins with a Super Smash Bros. Melee Regulation Throwdown for ages 13+, this Friday, 9/28, from 6:00 - 8:45 PM. With no items, only neutral stages, and a focus on 1v1, this is your chance to put your skills to a pure test of mettle. See here for our regulation-style ruleset. We'll then continue with Round 2 of the Championship Season for grades 6-12 on Saturday, 9/29, from Noon - 5 PM. Can Clan US continue their smash dominance? Can the Brothers of Maplewood win another mystery clan battle? Come downtown and find out! Then, we'll wrap up the weekend with a Mario Kart Tournament for grades 5 and under, Sunday, 9/30, from 1:00 - 4:00 PM.

Player Podcast: The Savages on Balance

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Here's a provocative podcast, produced by longtime tournament regulars [gtplayer:143] (Level 43) and his brother [gtplayer:146] (Level 41), called the AADL-GT Forum. In this episode, they talk about balance, make some excellent suggestions, and air some well-reasoned gripes. Check it out! Don't forget, if you want to produce your own podcast to be published here, or come in and use our podcast studio, just let me know at eli at


AADL-GT Round 1 results: Us in Front

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The 2007 AADL-GT Super Smash Double Dash Championship Season is off to an awesome start after last weekend's season opener, and it's clear that the Clan landscape is shaping up to be tougher than ever with the emergence of Superclans Us and the Brothers of Maplewood. While the BOM dominated the first Clan Battle of the season, Us is still in first place after dominating many of the days events and still taking 2nd place in the Clan Battle. Read on for full Round 1 details.

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