Gaming in Libraries? Definitely.

Eli talking trash

While AADL has had gaming for some time it still remains just a possibility for most libraries. However, interest is growing and this year even ALA put on a Gaming, Libraries and Learning Symposium featuring non-other then our own Eli. You can listen to his talk about choosing games for your library here.

Introducing the Official AADL-GT Podcast!

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AADL-GT is Ann Arbor District Library's Videogame Tournament Series for all ages. Our biggest series is the Super Smash Double Dash Championship Season, which runs August - December and is about to enter its fourth annual season.

In this premiere episode of the AADL-GT podcast, AADL-GT veteran and color commentator 'Major' Tom Coveney talks about some of the changes in the upcoming season and visits with AADL Teen Librarian Elizabeth Schneider and AADL Software Developer Eric Klooster.

If you'd like to create your own AADL-GT podcast, contact us and you can send us your file, or make an appointment to use our podcasting studio. We'll then add your podcast to our feed where anyone can subscribe to it.


DDR, Super Smash, Mario Party and more; now with PODCASTING!

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OK, guys, it's time for the start of the 4th Annual AADL-GT Super Smash Double Dash championship season! Round 1 is just days away, but first, we've got something new that you may be interested in: the AADL-GT Podcast studio. We're producing a short podcast about the next season, and this Tuesday, August 21, from 3-5 PM, you can come to the downtown library and find out how to produce your own AADL-GT Podcast! Maybe you want to make your predictions for the season; maybe you want to do a monthly podcast about your clan and its prowess. Maybe you want to take your trash talk to the next level... or maybe you'd like to discuss the subtleties of smash attacks. You tell us! Come to get familiar with the tools on Tuesday, and then make a studio appointment to record your podcast. We'll then publish your podcasts here on where anyone can subscribe to your show. See you there!

But, that's not all. We'll warm up for the start of the season in the Downtown Library Multipurpose Room with an All-Ages Dance Dance Revolution Tournament, Friday Night, 8/24 from 6-8:45 PM. We'll then have Super Smash Double Dash Round 1 for grades 6-12, Saturday, 8/25, from Noon - 5 PM, and then something new: an All-ages Mario Party tournament, Sunday, 8/26, from 1-4 PM. So, get registered, get your clan together for the start of the clan season, and we'll see you at the events!

This week: Pokémon, Super Smash, and Mario Kart Tournaments, plus DDR at the Art Fair!

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It's late July in Ann Arbor, and that means (at least) two things; the Art Fair, and the return of the Super Smash Double Dash Championship Season! It will be a busy week at the library, and it all starts off with Pokémondays, this time at Malletts Creek Branch on Monday, 7/16, from 1-5 PM for players of all ages and Pokémon level 51 & up.

Then, come see us at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair main stage next to the Belltower for DDR on Wednesday 7/18 and Friday 7/20 from 1-4 PM. There will be some prizes for the very best players, but you can also just come to show off in front of the crowd. You know you want to.

Finally, it's the end of the arduous off-season, as the clans converge on the Downtown Library on Saturday, 7/21, from Noon - 5 PM for the long-awaited Super Smash Double Dash Preseason Event! We'll have single and team kart and smash, and an opportunity to try out some new methods, recruit members for your clan, and size up the competition, and eat pizza. Hope to see you all there!

Guitar Hero, DDR, Super Smash Bros. and More: It's a tournament weekend!

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Yeah, sure, so it's supposed to be beautiful this weekend; sunny, mid-70's, all that crap. All the more reason to sequester yourself in a library basement and play videogames all weekend, right?


That's right, it's our last off-season tournament weekend, and we've got an awesome lineup of events planned that's got something for everyone in the cool recesses of the basement of the Downtown Library. First, on Friday night, 6/29, from 6:00 - 8:45, we'll have a cool combo event as we host simultaneous all-ages tournaments in Guitar Hero II and Pikmin 2, with separate prizes for the winners of each. Enter one or both competitions, and rock out while you attempt to out-marshal your opponents with your legions of Pikmin in one of the GameCube's most underappreciated battle modes.

Dance Dance Revolution at Taste of Ann Arbor: Canceled!

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Sorry guys, but there's a big storm a comin', and our equipment is not rated for wet/dry use. Taste of Ann Arbor is still going strong, but we've had to take down our DDR equipment before the next storm comes. However, don't despair: our next all ages DDR event is just a month away: Sunday, July 1, from 1 - 4 PM at the downtown library. Also, don't miss our simultaneous Guitar Hero 2 / Pikmin 2 tournaments Friday Night, 6/29, from 6-8:30 PM, and our massive 5-hour Super Smash Bros. Regulation Throwdown, Saturday, 6/30, from Noon - 5 PM. Plus, our Pokémondays Summer Tournament Series starts Monday, 6/25, from 1 - 5 PM at the Pittsfield Branch. See you soon!

Season 4 Ideas: Player Ratings

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OK, the off-season plods on. While we eagerly await the All Ages Mario Kart tournament coming up Friday Night, May 25th, let's talk about another new GT feature we discussed back at the planning meeting that EJK and I have been talking about: Player Ratings. The idea is to provide a quick, uniform way to tell both overall and game-specific skill and achievements. Read on to check it out.

Spring Break Tourneys: Guitar Hero, DDR, Wii Sports and More!

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It's spring break in Ann Arbor, although you sure wouldn't know it by looking outside. Avoid feeling depressed about the miserable weather this week by sequestering yourself in a windowless room filled with noise and flashing lights as we set up our gaming kit for a week of Open Play and Tournaments!

The action starts with three afternoons full of Open Play and DS Fest for all Ages, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 4/11-4/13, from 1-4 PM in the Multipurpose room of the Downtown Library. Come play Mario Kart, DDR, Wario Ware, Monkey Ball, Retro Collections, and more, or bring your own Gameboy or DS and square off against your friends on your favorite games.

Then, we've got a tournament-filled weekend, starting with a Guitar Hero 2 tournament Friday Night, 4/13, from 6-8:30 PM. We'll provide the guitars and the big screen, so show up and be ready to shred...

On Saturday, 4/14, from 1-4 PM, we'll have an All-Ages DDR Tournament, including a special prize for the best Adult/Child team, plus more open play.

We'll wind up the weekend with our first ever Wii Sports Tournament on Sunday, 4/15, from 1-4 PM, for Adult/Child Teams! We'll start with Tennis, and the winners will advance to Baseball or Bowling if time allows... so find an adult and drag them in to expose them firsthand to the Wii phenomenon. Bring your Wiimote with your Mii loaded if you've got one!

It's a busy gaming weekend at AADL... hope to see you all there!

I can tell that we are gonna be friends*

Groundhog 2Groundhog 2

We have a MySpace page! Right now we're only friends with Tom, and he has 161,157,683 friends, so we have a lot of catching up to do. So check it out, post what you think, and spread the word!

*And check out the White Stripes's album White Blood Cells, because it's really good.

Season 4 Ideas: Qualifying Pools

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Ok, based on some of the ideas we talked about at the planning meeting and our experience with pools at the throwdown, I'd like to propose an alternate qualifying system for the 2007 Super Smash / Double Dash Championship Season, based on set qualifying pools instead of randomized qualifying heats. Read on to find out what I've got in mind.

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