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The perils of being "gifted"

Gifted by Nikita Lalwani is a first novel about Rumi, who at the beginning of the story is a five year old math prodigy, daughter of Mahesh, a math professor at a university in Wales and Shreene, who futilely longs for a return to India. Mahesh is determined that his daughter will enter Oxford at 14 and institutes an arduous program of study at home in addition to school. As Rumi grows up, she feels more conflicted about the roles imposed on her and longs for the more normal life of a teenager. Her father's drive for her academic success eventually leads to tragedy.

Skin Hunger (2007 National Book Award Finalist)

When her bitter father dies, Sadima, a young woman who can communicate with animals, keeps house for two renegade magicians at a time when magic has been outlawed. Her experiences, which include learning to read and falling in love, alternate with those of Hahp, born generations after Sadima. Exiled by his wealthy, disapproving father, he attends a school of wizardry where, among other unpleasantness, students are starved to death if they can't conjure up food. (Diana Tixier Herald, Booklist)

Skin Hunger: Resurrection of Magic is the first of a dark, complex, and completely compelling trilogy.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (2007 National Book Award Finalist)

“Arnold Spirit, a goofy-looking dork with a decent jump shot, spends his time lamenting life on the "poor-ass" Spokane Indian reservation, drawing cartoons . . . and, along with his pal Rowdy, laughing those laughs over anything and nothing that affix best friends so intricately together. When a teacher pleads with Arnold to want more, to escape the hopelessness of the rez, Arnold switches to a rich white school and immediately becomes as much an outcast in his own community as he is a curiosity in his new one.” (Ian Chipman, Booklist)

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian though fiction is also autobiographical. Try it!

In the Beginning...

There was the Dragons of Autumn Twilight. It's hard to believe the entire Dragonlance series started over 20 years ago. Written by Margaret_Weis and Tracey_Hickman to support Advance Dungeons and Dragons, the Dragonlance series has grown to include over 90 novels and 16 adventures for the game. I remember as a teenage rpg junkie when I first read the book. I just had to get the corresponding modules, which I never did play. So, if you love the Dragonlance series or fantasy in general, be sure to read the first book and see where it all started.

Hikaru no Go

Hikaru Shindo is just your average lazy middle schooler, not anyone you would expect to be interested in old timers' game like Go. But one day he finds an old Go board in his grandfather's attic, and he's the only one who can hear the weird voice coming from it. He faints in surprise, and when he wakes up, Sai, the ghost of a Heian Go master, has become part of Hikaru's consciousness. And after Hikaru meets a go genius his own age, he's inspired to learn the game for himself. Want to know what happens next? Follow the whole story in the Hikaru no Go manga and anime. Interested in learning the game? Check out some of the library’s great books on how to play, or attend a meeting of the Ann Arbor Go Club.

Guitar Hero, Super Smash, DDR: The Last Tournament Weekend of the Regular Season!

AADL-GT Pad Logo

The 4th Annual GT Season continues to hurtle towards its thrilling conclusion with a tournament weekend featuring something for everyone, and even a live tournament broadcast! The action gets underway Friday night, 11/9, at 6:00 PM with simultaneous Guitar Hero and Pikmin 2 Tournaments for all ages at the downtown library! Guitar Hero I, II, the 80's, and even brand-new GHIII may make an appearance, so come ready to SHRED. Then, the last round of the 2007 Super Smash Double Dash Championship Series for grades 6-12 hits Saturday, 11/10, from Noon - 5 PM featuring a LIVE broadcast on CTN channel 18 from 3-4:30! So, if you haven't already submitted a release form, be sure to bring a signed one! Then, the weekend wraps up on Sunday, 11/11, with an All-Ages DDR Tournament from 1 - 4 PM. Come check it out and avoid raking the leaves you're supposed to be raking this weekend!

Also, come back the day after thanksgiving for our first-ever Pokémon Battle Revolution Tournament! Bring your DS and your copy of Diamond or Pearl to see if your Pokémon have what it takes to beat some of the most serious trainers around! All battles will be double battle with a 3-Pokémon party. Elimination rounds will be open to Pokémon of any level, but qualifiers will be held in the Union Room, which means you'd better have a good party of Pokémon level 30 or under, too! That event will also be recorded and broadcast the next day!

The Invention of Hugo Cabret (2007 National Book Award Finalist)

This unique 550-page book includes 284 illustrated pages. Author Selznick describes it as “not exactly a novel, not quite a picture book, not really a graphic novel, or a flip book or a movie, but a combination of all these things”.

So take a chance! Within the pages of The Invention of Hugo Cabret you’ll encounter Paris in the 1930’s, a thief, a broken machine, a strange girl, a mean old man, and the secrets that tie them all together.

AXIS Coffeehouse @ Malletts Creek, Friday, November 2, 6:30-8:00 pm

We’ve got two more weeks of the AXIS Coffeehouse before we take a break until January. Teens are welcome to perform their own work as well as poems/essays/monologues by others at this open mic night. Try reading a favorite poem or essay. Recruit some of your friends, and perform a scene from your favorite book. Or just hang out, sip on a hot drink, and enjoy the company. All teen performers will receive a $5 fine forgiveness coupon. For grades 6-12.

Story of a Girl (2007 National Book Award Finalist)

One big mistake and two years later Deanna sees how it could haunt her for the rest of her life. She was thirteen when her dad caught her with Tommy Webber in the back of Tommy’s Buick. In that moment Deanna’s life changed forever. Always experiencing jeers and leers how can she ever hope to overcome the label of “school slut”?

Living in a small town where everybody knows your business Deanna struggles to set a new course in her life. The odds are against her but if she can hang tough, she just might find the way. Story of a Girl will linger in your mind long after the last page.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Otaku won’t want to miss The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which attracted a cult following when it aired in Japan last year. On Kyon's first day of high school, the beautiful girl sitting behind him introduces herself to the rest of the class as Haruhi Suzumiya and then invites all aliens, time travelers, sliders, or espers to hang out with her. Kyon is just your average teenage guy, but it isn’t long before he’s badgered into joining Haruhi's new school club, the SOS Brigade anyway. As you might imagine, given that someone as eccentric as Haruhi’s in charge, weirdness ensues. You’ll laugh at Kyon’s horrified reactions to Haruhi’s crazy schemes, and be thankful that you’ve never attracted the attention of anyone quite like her. Put a hold on volumes 1 and 2 of the dvds today.

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