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More new Chinese kid's books

Here is a selection of more new Chinese books for children. There are many more that will be on the shelves at each branch in the youth department downtown and in the foreign language collection at the other branches. Questions, comments or suggestions, please contact

Picture books and books for younger children: 彩图儿歌/Cai tu er ge, mi yu, 沒有東西"送給你/The gift of nothing, 彩图寓言故事, 小皮斯凯的第一次旅行, 艾斯頓的石頭/Aston's Stones and 巴贝尔和他的孩子们/Babar and Family

Books with read along CDs: 动物摇滚乐 /Animal Rock 'n' Roll , 胆小的皮亚诺 /"Piano" the scarecrow and 小熊造船记 /Three bears build boats

New Chinese books for kids at all branches

The library will soon have many new children's books in Chinese on the shelves. The selection of books varies from branch to branch and can be found in the youth section at the downtown library and in the foreign language collection at the branches. The selection includes many original Chinese language works and works translated into Chinese from other languages. You can browse the shelf to look for new books or put a hold on books through the library catalog and have them delivered to the branch of your choice. Any qiestons, comments or suggestions, please contact
The selection includes
The popular Elmer the Elephant books, Elmer, Elmer in the Snow,Elmer and Wilbur, Elmer's Hide and Seek,Elmer and the Lost Teddy and Elmer Again

A Dungeon Too Many

What happens to the Keeper's lucrative business of luring, plundering, then massacring adventurers when a competing dungeon (complete with balloons, cotton candy, and puppet shows) is built next door? Get an inside look at the workings of a fantasy dungeon, run CEO style by a bird in a top hat. Full of heroes such as Marvin, an anthropomorphic vegetarian dragon who loves to bake, and Herbert, a timorous duck. Joann Sfarr has teamed up with other French cartoonists, Lewis Trondheim, and Manu Larcent to create the wonderful universe that is Dungeon. Larcent's panels are dense with informative details. Including gory cartoon-violence! The subtle jokes involving Grogro the monster are particularly wonderful.
Cliquez ici pour visiter le site officiel du Donjon (en français).

Her Majesty’s Dog

Transfer students Amane and Hyoue are mystifying their new classmates with their odd-couple romance. She’s a social misfit; he’s the hottest guy in school. But the truth is that Amane’s a powerful medium, and Hyoue isn’t human at all: he’s her guardian spirit, a demon-dog, whose powers are literally fueled by her kiss. Read Her Majesty’s Dog, the manga series by Mick Takeuchi, to follow their adventures in subduing vengeful spirits, bringing peace to the dead, and surviving high school. After all, as Amane’s finding out, all the magical power in the world can’t help her navigate the ins and outs of high school social life!

Bradbury and Proulx

Today, August 21st is the birthday of two literary luminaries, Ray Bradbury and Annie Proulx. Bradbury was born in Waukegan, Illinois in 1920 but his family moved to Los Angeles when he was twelve. Hoping to be an actor, he was encouraged by two of his high school teachers who saw promise in his writing to take that road instead. He first published in small science fiction magazines but got his first break when one of his stories was accepted in the 1945 edition of the anthology, Best American Short Stories. Perhaps his best known novel is Fahrenheit 451 about a fireman in a future society whose job it is to burn books. But on taking one home and reading it, he decides to join a revolutionary group that tries to keep literature alive.

Human strays?

Ted prefers animals to humans; animals "never lie," and unlike the kids at school, he understands them. When Ted loses his parents in a car accident, he particularly identifies with strays--after all, as a foster kid, that's what he is. Ted lands in a new home, where his basic needs are met by fair but semi-dysfunctional foster parents and where he coexists with Astin, his older roommate, and C. W., who has had 19 placements in six years.

He’s having pretty much the worst year of his miserable life. Or so he thinks. Is it possible that becoming an orphan is not the worst thing that could have happened to him? Try Strays by Ron Koertge. (taken from the Booklist review by Krista Hutley)

An A+ Audiobook

Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic regardless of the year or the season. Sissy Spacek is the narrator of the 2006 audiobook version, and her Southern lilt and range of emotion brings the characters to life. This classic court case will keep you driving around the block or running extra miles tuned into the story.

I was a teenage ninja...

Have you ever wondered what life for an undercover teenage ninja in high school would be like? Join Amazing Agent Luna as she battle Count Von Brucken to find out. The stories are American originals, but are drawn and published in manga style, (right to left instead of left to right). We currently have vol 1, vol 2, and vol 3. Volume 4 comes out next month.

Fabulous Fiction Firsts #80

Well, I wasn’t going to read it. Another Chicklit. I thought, and a bit too cute, judging from the cover. But I was stuck in an airport and it was there. Soon I was turning pages, surprised to be hooked by this engaging debut about a wounded healer and her African elephants.

In Still Life with Elephant by Judy Reene Singer, horse-trainer Neelie Sterling is not a good listener. She knows that and she tries hard. But when her cheating husband, veterinarian Matt tells her his partner is having his baby, Neelie can’t deny that she is dense and blind as well.

As a last-ditch effort to save her marriage, she volunteers to join Matt's rescue mission to save injured elephants in Zimbabwe. The trip is dangerous, exhilarating and the nursing of the elephants back home is grueling and frustrating. However, Neelie soon learns that healing could be mutual and there is “still” life (pretty marvelous at that) worth living, especially when the charming millionaire who sponsored the rescue comes knocking.

Nicely paced and sparkled with humor, a debut novel to wrap up the summer. The elephants will steal your heart and the romantic in you will cheer. For fans of Jennifer Weiner and Jenny Colgan.

Two Watase

Ahh, Joy beat me to posting about Yu Watase! She's quick! Still, I can not resist chiming in to talk about Fushigi yûgi: The Mysterious Play anyway. This is one of my favorite fantasy anime/manga series. The reason I think I like it so much is because of how well rounded it feels to me. It has a little bit of everything all balanced to happen at just the right moments: Heart wrenching romantic plots, seriously cool fighting scenes, plenty of interspersed humor, and, well, intense drama. Yu Watase is one of those authors who is not afraid to kill off a character or two you really end up caring about if the storyline calls for it, which, as horrible as that might sound, really ends up making this series very intense. Throw in the fact that the artwork is beautiful and you have what makes a very good series in my opinion. Check out the manga or the anime...Or, check out the 2nd Fushigi Yugi series set in the same universe for those craving more: Fushigi yûgi: Genbu Kaiden.

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