3rd Annual LEGO ® Contest Winners!

2008 LEGO Contest2008 LEGO Contest

Once again our annual LEGO® contest was a blast! Families dropped off their entries on Tuesday night and all day Wednesday, the judges deliberated for almost 3(!) hours and then we packed the house with people wanting to look! This year we had over 130 projects entered into the contest - making it tougher for the judges to decide. Thanks to our judges Eli Neiburger, AADL Associate Director of IT and Product Development, Eric Klooster, AADL IT Component Developer and finally Duane Collicott, local LEGO® enthusiast and Brick Bash Master. Those that placed 1st Place, Runner-Up and Honorable Mention each got gift cards to Toys R Us, plus an award medal. Award medals were also given to those who placed in the special categories. NEW this year! Stay tuned later this summer for the LEGO® Contest Photo Gallery of every project submitted!

Without further ado behold the winners!


1st Place - Jarrett Tseng
Runner-Up - LiWei T. Koh
Honorable Mention - Janie Haviland
Best Architectural/Engineering - Ryan Wong
Coolest Robot - Kody Brown
Best Vehicle - Lila Ryan
Most Creative - Maggie Schultz
Most Sophisticated - LiWei T. Koh
AADL LEGO® Master Builder - Eva Colvin-Garcia

Grades K-2:

1st Place - Jeffrey Brooks-Conrad
Runner-Up - Mozelle Rofick
Honorable Mention - Vishrut Khandelwal
Best Motorized - Ben Birdsall
Best Architectural/Engineering - Joseph Ryan
Coolest Robot - Ryan Gudal
Best Vehicle - Garrett Stroud
Most Creative - Owen Lamb
Most Sophisticated - Maximo Clark
AADL LEGO® Master Builder - Martin Jalet

Grades 3-5:

1st Place - Andrew & Connor Johnson
Runner-Up - Ahmet K. Korkaya
Honorable Mention - Holden Owen Hague
Honorable Mention - Matthew Remillard
Best Motorized - Aaron Crane, John Crane, Avi Covrigaru & Gabe Linderman
Best Architectural/Engineering - Naveen Fujii
Coolest Robot - Aaron Willette
Best Vehicle - Daniel Zacks
Most Creative - Henry & Aidan McCoy
Most Sophisticated - Justin Forester
AADL LEGO® Master Builder - Timothy Dong

Grades 6-8:

1st Place - Jordan Steiff
Runner-Up - Sarah Adams
Honorable Mention - Ryan George
Best Motorized - Florian VanKampen-Wright
Best Architectural/Engineering - Dylan & Miles Aikens
Coolest Robot - Isaac Balinki
Best Vehicle - Michael June
Most Creative - Nicky Hagopian-Zirkel
Most Sophisticated - Stuart Castle & Parker Stebbins
AADL LEGO® Master Builder - Kevin McGregor

Grades 9-12

1st Place - Peter Zieske
Runner-Up - Ian
Best Vehicle - Peter Zieske
AADL LEGO® Master Builder - Ian


Congratulations Legomaniacs! :-)

I'd love to see photos of these entries - any idea when they'll be posted online?

Yes, Photos of the winning entries would be splendid!!

Photos are indeed on the way! We're pleased to announce that we will have a complete photo gallery of all entries. We hope to have this ready in a matter of a week or so, but should only promise "later this summer" as quoted above in the original blog post :) We're so excited to debut this photo gallery as well as the forthcoming Manga Drawing Contest and Graffiti Contest galleries too!