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AXIS Coffeehouse @ Malletts Creek, Friday, November 2, 6:30-8:00 pm

We’ve got two more weeks of the AXIS Coffeehouse before we take a break until January. Teens are welcome to perform their own work as well as poems/essays/monologues by others at this open mic night. Try reading a favorite poem or essay. Recruit some of your friends, and perform a scene from your favorite book. Or just hang out, sip on a hot drink, and enjoy the company. All teen performers will receive a $5 fine forgiveness coupon. For grades 6-12.

Story of a Girl (2007 National Book Award Finalist)

One big mistake and two years later Deanna sees how it could haunt her for the rest of her life. She was thirteen when her dad caught her with Tommy Webber in the back of Tommy’s Buick. In that moment Deanna’s life changed forever. Always experiencing jeers and leers how can she ever hope to overcome the label of “school slut”?

Living in a small town where everybody knows your business Deanna struggles to set a new course in her life. The odds are against her but if she can hang tough, she just might find the way. Story of a Girl will linger in your mind long after the last page.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Otaku won’t want to miss The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which attracted a cult following when it aired in Japan last year. On Kyon's first day of high school, the beautiful girl sitting behind him introduces herself to the rest of the class as Haruhi Suzumiya and then invites all aliens, time travelers, sliders, or espers to hang out with her. Kyon is just your average teenage guy, but it isn’t long before he’s badgered into joining Haruhi's new school club, the SOS Brigade anyway. As you might imagine, given that someone as eccentric as Haruhi’s in charge, weirdness ensues. You’ll laugh at Kyon’s horrified reactions to Haruhi’s crazy schemes, and be thankful that you’ve never attracted the attention of anyone quite like her. Put a hold on volumes 1 and 2 of the dvds today.

Girl at Sea...romance, mystery and Italy!

Despite the semi-hoochie book cover this is a smart, thoughtful, adventurous tale about a 17 year old girl named Clio, on a whirlwind summer mystery trip with her eccentric father on a yacht in Italy. The cast of characters includes her dad's girlfriend, Julia an English researcher on a mysterious archealogical dive, her bubbly daughter, Elsa and Julia's very cute research assistant, Aidan. A centuries old mystery about a sunken ship, Pompeii, scuba diving, art supplies, jellyfish and tattoos all figure in this quirky good book. Maureen Johnson has done it again with Girl at Sea.

Touching Snow (2007 National Book Award Finalist)

In Touching Snow, Karina tells you how to stop bullying:

“The best way to avoid being picked on by high school bullies is to kill someone. Anyone will do. Accidental killings have the same effect as on-purpose murder. Of course, this is just my own theory. . . Because now no one jerks my braids so my neck snaps back. . .; no one pulls my backpack off and scatters my textbooks. . .; no one spits at me from the school bus. . . Not since eighth grade. Not since I killed the Daddy.”

How far would you go to protect the ones you love? Karina shares the events leading to the day of her stepfather’s death. Was it accidental, self-defense, or just plain murder?

Otaku Afternoon - Wizzywig, Cosplay, DDR, Go and Anime...


How better to spend a Sunday afternoon than 5 hours in the basement of the Downtown Library!? We start @ 12 when the library opens with DDR, Wizzywig will be there to sell there wares, and help judge the Cosplay contest (btw no one showed to the contest this summer - which left many $$s in Wizzywig gift certificates unclaimed - don't let this tragedy happen again!) and gab. Then from 2:00-3:00 or so members from the A2 Go Club (including our own Joy) will be on hand to teach and play this ancient, strategic, fun board game. After that we'll be screening anime until 5:00. Food and drinks of course and hopefully you and many friends will be on hand.

"Heard a Good Book Lately?"


New Moon and Just Listen were picked by 6,000 teens across the country during Teen Read Week as the #1 and #2 in their
TOP TEN recent favorite reads. Both titles are available as books on cd. Word for word for your listening pleasure.

Round 3 Results: Roysterless Us still Unstoppable

AADL-GT Pad Logo

Last month, Clan Us proved that they weren't a one-trick pony. This month, they proved that the pony can still do multiple tricks repeatedly even if you cut off 2 of its strongest legs. That's one strong pony. Even without the presence of the mighty Royster brothers and even missing their solid third-stringer [gtplayer:504], Us was still able to dominate the afternoon with only smash masters #1 [gtplayer:788] (also known as lain) and #2 [gtplayer:483], plus the increasingly impressive double threat [gtplayer:382], who is now ranked 3rd over all, as Us hangs onto the top 4 spots on the leaderboard even with the amazing #4 [gtplayer:614] having missed an entire event. Us stayed pegged atop the clan standings all day and narrowly missed a victory sweep, even triumphing once again in the clan battle surprise game, Pixeljunk Racers. Read on for full event details.

October Books to Films

Gone, Baby, Gone< /em> is based on a novel by Dennis Lehane, the author of another blockbuster adaptation - Mystic River. This also marks the directorial debut for Ben Affleck.
In the tough neighborhood of Dorchester (MA) where the streets are littered with the detritus of broken families, hearts, and dreams, PIs Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro risk everything looking for a missing child.

The Heartbreak Kid, is based on the short story A Change of Plan by Bruce Jay Friedman. A newlywed man who believes he's just gotten hitched to the perfect woman falls for another on his honeymoon. Slapstick-funny.

Lust, Caution, an espionage thriller, is based on a novella by the Chinese writer Eileen Chang (Zhang Ailing), that was first published in 1979. It is set in Japanese-occupied Shanghai and Hong Kong during World War II when a small group of university students plot the assassination of a powerful Japanese collaborator. Directed by Ang Lee, it's sensuous and moody.

O Jerusalem is based on a 1972 nonfiction book by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre. The conflict surrounding the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 is viewed through the eyes of two American friends, a Jew and an Arab. (NYTimes review).

The animated Persepolis, is the poignant story of a young girl coming-of-age in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. It is adapted from Persepolis:The Story of a Childhood, an award-winning autobiographic graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi (see author interview).

Reservation Road by John Burnham Schwartz is a tale of anger, revenge, and great courage, where two fathers’ lives converge after a tragic accident. Look for powerful performances by a star-studded cast in this adaptation.

If you loved "To Kill a Mockingbird"......

Carrie Brown's second novel, The Rope Walk is a stirring, atmospheric coming of age story of ten year old Alice Macauley who is the youngest child of five and the only daughter of Archie MacCauley, Shakespeare scholar, professor and widower. They live in a small town outside the college town of Brattleboro, Vermont. Alice grows up rough-housing with her older brothers who she adores but is anticipating a lonely summer as they all return to work and school after her birthday celebration. But into her life comes Theo, a bi-racial boy and an adventurer like her. They are both invited to come and read to Kenneth Fitzgerald, an artist dying of AIDS who has come to live with his sister. Themes of prejudice, friendship and tolerance pervade this novel whose luminous prose takes us all back to those long idle summers when, as children, days of lying in a hammock climbing trees or buiding forts in a stream were enough to make us happy.

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