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NaNoWriMo Is Now in Full Swing!

National Novel Writing Month, affectionately known as NaNoWriMo, has officially started! Have you always wanted to write a novel but never got around to it? You can start RIGHT NOW! All you need to do is keep writing throughout the month of November to work toward your own goal or the national 50,000 words!

Want to socialize with other new and seasoned writers this month? Come check out AADL's NaNoWriMo events, including the Free Write on November 15 and the I Wrote a Novel, Now What event on December 6 featuring Ann Arbor author Karen Simpson!

No matter how or what you write, everyone is welcome to join in the NaNoWriMo fun! For more information on getting started, check out the NaNoWriMo website. Feel free to take home some AADL materials on writing too!

Girls Love Boys Love!

Manga fans rejoice! Below you will find a list of the teen manga in the library that falls under the yaoi or shonen-ai genre (this doesn't include manga in the adult section; hopefully that list will come later!). What is yaoi you may ask? It's when the main relationship in the story involves two male characters. Sometimes this evolves into a romantic relationship, sometimes it's just heavily implied that a romantic relationship could exist between the characters. Forget about looking for yaoi subtext in these series, the love is right in front of you!

La Esperanca - Georges Saphir is the perfect student: good grades, good looks, and beloved by everyone. But his world is turned upside down when Robert Jade shows up. The ultimate delinquent, Robert is annoyed at Georges' act, so he makes it his mission to shatter Georges' perfect image. As Robert pushes Georges to his limits, the two boys realize they may be more similar than they had thought.

Gravitation - When your dream is to become the biggest rock star in Japan, nothing is easy. Especially love. Shuichi Shindou is the lead singer of the band Bad Luck. He's a little goofy and childish, but his band mates find it endearing. When Shuichi accidentally bumps into Eiri Yuki, a cold, stoic, novelist, Eiri criticizes Shuichi's song lyrics. Not one to take that lying down, Shuichi attempts to confront Eiri about his harsh words, and over the course of the story Shuichi keeps finding himself inexplicably drawn to Eiri. Can romance truly bloom between such different people?

Loveless - Set in a world where youth have cat ears and tails and adults don't, Ritsuka Aoyagi has just started attending a new school when he meets Soubi Agatsuma. Soubi turns out to be a friend of Ritsuka's older brother, who had recently been murdered. Ritsuka is determined to find the cause of his brother's death and teams up with Soubi. The two form a duo and compete in magical duels where Soubi is the 'Fighter' and Ritsuka is the 'Sacrifice.' Together they seek the truth and attempt to take down the secret organization, Septimal Moon.

Tokyo Babylon - As a powerful magician and heir to a long line of onmyouji that have served the emperor, Subaru Sumeragi lives in Tokyo and solves occult murders with his twin sister and their mutual friend, Seishiro Sakurazuka. The three face off against magic and demons that plague the world, but not all is as it appears. Seishiro declares his love for Subaru, but will Seishiro's dark secrets prevent the two from being together?

Cantarella - Cesare Borgia is the illegitimate son of an Italian aristocrat. As an infant, Cesare's soul was sold to the devil to ensure his father became Pope. As a young boy, Cesare is shunned by his father and the boy realizes that he has demons and dark spirits that protect him. As he grows older and his life begins to fall apart, Cesare begins to rely on the darkness within him. He uses his skill and seductive looks to manipulate men and women alike, but can he regain his humanity when he keeps pushing away those he loves?

Some other series that aren't specifically yaoi but have those yaoi undertones that fangirls can't get enough of (at least according to the fanbase) include: No.6, Godchild, Petshop of Horrors, and Vampire Doll.

Happy reading!

Otomen: What if the #1 Kendo fighter in the World Embraced His Feminine Side?

Asuka Masamune is cool, he's the best Kendo fighter in the world and ranked at the top for Judo and Karate too. He is considered to be a a very "manly-man". However, Asuka has a secret that he's been keeping from the world: he loves sweets, cooking, sewing, and all things cute.

Asuka falls in love with Ryu Miyakozuka, a girl who is being raised by her manly-man father after her mother died. Soon, another student notices that Asuka loves Ryu and decides to, for his own personal amusement, to bring them together.

Will Askua be able to show his true self to his new friends or will he forever have to hide who he truly is? Find out by reading Otomen! The library has the whole series of manga so you won't miss a thing!

I'll Give you the Sun: Winner of multiple awards and honors!

I'll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson is a book about two twins, a boy and a girl named Noah and Jude. The story follows the two twins as they give their own perspective on an event that affected them both. The story is full of pairings, good and bad, right and wrong, freak and normal and even male and female. The book is beautiful in its differences, the way that it deals with some pretty heavy issues will give you a chance to pause and think about it. As Jude and Noah come to terms with all of the events that happen to them, including falling for the same boy, watch as Nelson weaves a beautiful tale masterfully.

The book won the Printz award as well as being an honors book for the Stonewall award it has won countless editors choice and best of awards as well. So if you want to check out what all the hype is about check out I'll Give you the Sun.

Come Downtown to make your own comic book bubble magnets tonight!

Join us Downtown in the new Secret Lab for a great event for teens and adults! Tonight, Tuesday, October 6, from 7:00-8:00pm, we'll use lots of awesome old comic books to create our own magnets!

Cut out pictures from the comic books, then glue flat glass marbles on them to magnify the image. Attach a magnet to the back and you have cool, useful decorations for metal surfaces in households, dorm rooms, and offices! You can even make a series of magnets based on your favorite comic book character.

All materials will be provided.

Shakespeare at his finest, or at least at his shortest!

There is something to be said about Shakespeare, and that something might possibly be that it is not possible to get an understanding of the plot of a Shakespearean play in fewer than 10 seconds. Well, now it is, thanks to Brevity is the Soul of Wit!

Want to know what happens to Henry VI in Henry VI part 2? This book breaks it down!

Need to know what Hamlet does in Hamlet? This book gets you the answer you are seeking!

Want to know what happens Cymbeline? Wait...Shakespeare wrote a play called Cymbeline...? Well, not only do know now know the Bard's lesser-known titles, you can also know the overall arc of the main plot!

The art isn't breath-taking, and the prose isn't overwrought, and short and sweet is a whole new way to appreciate Shakespeare's work! If you are a fan of Shakespeare, you'll laugh at the extremely summarized style. The artist clearly loves the work of Shakespeare and it shines throughout the book. This is a great, and quick read and very much worth the time!

It's Banned Books Week! Sept. 27 - Oct. 3

Banned Books Week 2015 posterBanned Books Week 2015 poster

What is Banned Books Week, you may ask? It's an event put on by the American Library Association every year to celebrate the freedom to read! The ALA does not believe in censorship, and celebrating banned or challenged books draws attention to the harm potentially caused when access is restricted. If you haven't already, come check out our Banned Books Week display in the Downtown Youth Department and take a peek at the books we've chosen to highlight - some of them may surprise you!

What does it mean if a book is challenged or banned? Well, it simply means that someone doesn't like it! It could be a parent who doesn't agree with their child's assigned reading list for school, or a teacher who doesn't believe a particular title should be allowed in his/her district's curriculum. Books are challenged with the best intentions - to protect others, most commonly children, from difficult ideas and information. However, banning a book goes far beyond simply expressing a point of view or exercising beliefs. Removing material from a school's curriculum or the public library restricts the access of others who may not hold those same beliefs.

If you've had a chance to look at the display or check out the list of titles that are in it, you're probably wondering why some great books have been challenged or banned. Well, hold onto your hats and find some pearls to clutch, because we're about to tell you!

Survive the Night!

Now that fall is here, Halloween is already on my mind and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to dive into Danielle Vega's newest teen horror book Survive the Night!

Don't let the cover fool you: this is a seriously creepy novel. In it, Casey and her friends go to an all-night rave called Survive the Night. The secret party is located underground in the subways of New York, and there are crazy rumors about what goes on in the tunnels below. When Casey wanders off down the subway line, she finds one of her friends has been violently, viciously murdered. When she gets back to the party, everyone but the rest of her friends have cleared out and the manhole exit is sealed. Casey realizes that the killer is still in the subway system, and the group is trapped down there with them. What was once a party quickly turns into a frantic fight for survival, as Casey and her group realize they are being hunted by whoever (or whatever) is down in the subways with them.

This book is not for everyone (especially not tweens or those with a weak stomach). Survive the Night requires a little suspension of disbelief and takes a while to get going, but once it does it's a non-stop thrill ride right up until the end. My heart was pounding as I raced through the last few chapters as things kept building and building.

This is Danielle Vega's second book. The first, The Merciless, is another great teen horror novel and the film rights were just acquired by Lionsgate Films. The Merciless isn't available through AADL yet, but can be found through our MeLCat lending system.

Bunny Drop a great manga for teens and older!

There is nothing normal about the beginnings of Bunny Drop, it starts with a death, Daikichi's grandfather dies and leaves behind a surprise for everyone in the family. He has an illegitimate daughter named Rin, who is only 6 years old. Follow the unlikely family as Daikichi and Rin learn how to live together and create a life together.
This manga is seriously cute, but it's not the cute that makes this manga worth reading (though cute is never a bad thing in a josei manga) it deals with the struggles of raising a child, especially one that is not biologically yours. It also deals with issues such as, abandonment, death, unexpected pregnancy, fame and friendship.

The library has all 9 volumes and so you can read the entire story from start to finish! So check out Bunny Drop!

Book to Film: The Scorch Trials

Now in theaters is The Scorch Trials, based on the book of the same name by James Dashner. This is the 2nd of 5 books in the popular dystopian science fiction Maze Runner series, and this new movie looks like another adrenaline rusher!

In The Maze Runner 16 year old Thomas wakes up with no memory in the middle of a maze and he realizes he must work with those around him in order to stay alive and escape. Now in The Scorch Trials he and several others face even more obstacles as they struggle to fight for their lives in the Scorch.

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