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by Roth, Veronica.

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In a future Chicago, sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior must choose among five predetermined factions to define her identity for the rest of her life, a decision made more difficult when she discovers that she is an anomoly who does not fit into any one group, and that the society she lives in is not perfect after all.

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Great Book

I love this book. Great read.

Great book

Great read


In a dystopic future, society is split into five factions with five different values--kindness, truth, selflessness, courage, and knowledge-- and when residents are 16, they have to choose with which faction they will align. When Beatrice discovers she is equally suited for three factions, she must make a life-defining choice.

Roth's action-packed page turner will draw in even reluctant readers, as the story and plot move forward from the very beginning. The first-person present tense narration gives the book a sense of urgency, and the unpredictable plot will keep readers engaged throughout. The book is reft with graphic descriptions of violence and death, so the faint-hearted or squeamish should steer away.

However, reading like a combination of The Hunger Games, and The Giver, Divergent is set to become a favorite of teen readers. Recommended.


Amazing book! This is a must read!
Once started, I could not stop reading. Read it!

Love this book!

I really enjoyed this book! I couldn't put it down during the time that I was reading it. You have to read it!

Hunger Games meets Harry Potter

Imagine a dystopian future where everyone was supposed to act exactly like the Harry Potter-eque house they'd been assigned to. Divergent is just that; children are tested and then placed into 1 of 5 groups with personalities and interestes they must adhere to.

A very entertaining book.


This is the new Twilight, Harry Potter, and Hunger games. Teen girls love it.


this is a really good book, a must read


Incredible plot and storyline. Loved the characters. Move over Hunger Games and Twilight because this trilogy is has just beat you by a long shot!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is pretty much my favorite book ever and that says a lot since I read constantly. I tend to be picky with my books, but it makes me want to cry when people criticize this book because it was perfect. If I could only recommend one book, this would be the book. Please do yourself a favor and read it! Also, I'm super excited about the movie coming in March 2014....absolutely can't wait!
And the author has the same name as me which just makes it so much better.


I loved this book. I been hearing from a few peers that I must read this book. I finished it within 24 hours. I couldn't set it down! I can't wait to read the sequel!

Really good

All of my friends were bugging me to read this book. It is an amazing series that hooks you on. It is a lot like the hunger games with the science fiction distopian concept. It is a good book.


I loved it. I bought it on an impulse even though I had no idea what it was about. It was the best impulsive thing I have ever done. I loved how the lead up to the choosing ceremony was small so it wasn't messing with your mind about what she would pick. The way it explained how people were and what the looked like was just amazing to me because there were no exact descriptions of each character. The only thing I would want to change about it is mainly how Tris is described. I love to get solid images of the main character and I felt like I didn't get as good of one as I hoped.

Now when I look at people I can kinda guess what faction their in. Like my brother is in Erudite and my Mother Candor or Abegation. My Dad Dauntless and me Dauntless or Amity. I love this book and would read it all over again if given the chance.

Flawed but entertaining

Flawed and predictable, but still entertaining, and a quick read. A recommended go-to book for fans of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games.

Divergent is not, however, as well-crafted as The Hunger Games. I find Roth's world-building skills to be subordinate to Collins' (Roth doesn't paint her dystopian Chicago very vividly, and the logistics of how society and the city functions is foggy at best), and her plotting lacks depth and subtly. Tris and Four are the only characters that seem to get any substance (they are the two main characters, after all), yet I still found Tris unrelatable.


really deep

Better than Hunger Games

High anticipation drove me to diving into this novel before all my other books that I had to review. Since I read Divergent back in the late months of 2011 I can tell you that I wasn't very up to date on the characters and how the book ended. So when Veronica Roth picks Tris's story up right from the get-go, I was highly confused and lost for most of the beginning. Of course I knew who Four was who doesn't? but when talk of Caleb, Will, and Susan come up now and again, it took a while for Tris to explain to me again who these people, allowing for some clarity.

One thing that Insurgent kept shoveling out nonstop was action, tension, and anticipation. There was never a dull moment while reading and that's how I enjoy my books. During the beginning of the book, because of my lack of information towards what was really going on from the previous novel, I had my moments of start-stop reading and tended to put the book down after each individual chapter. But after I started to learn and remember who was who and what was what, the story picked up for me and I found myself loving the dystopian setting once more.

Tris, the mighty sixteen-year-old girl that she is, started to have some irksome characteristics about her. She's headstrong and brash when it comes to the dangerous and life-threatening, constantly arguing with Four. But there is some growth within her character and we can see how Divergence really breaks her personality into the three factions she has aptitude for: Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite. Though Tris did irk me, I found her a strong, courageous, and reliable girl and that made her a kickass character in my book.

One thing I'm sure many people had said after reading the book was possibly along the lines of this: "HOLY COW WHAT?! WHAT IS LIFE? DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN? THE ENDING! THAT ENDING! OH MY GOD, PRAISE VERONICA ROTH ON HIGH!" And I couldn't agree more because those were literally the very words coming out of my mouth. The ending exploded in my face as has me dying to read book 3.

Final Summation: The beginning failed to really captivate me and left me frazzled until chapters upon chapters into the book. If you don't remember what happened in Divergent or who anyone was, I highly suggest a reread because it would be most helpful in remembering the characters and the lead up into Insurgent. And trust me, Insurgent is worth the read, the whole 525 pages because that ending made my head clock all the way around. Book three please come out sooner!


I loved it I recommend it!!!!!!!!! Couldn't put it down!!!!!


Loved it! Couldn't put it down.

Good book!

I enjoyed this book so much I couldn't put it down... finished it in a day!

Really Good!

I couldn't put it down! Can't wait to read the sequel!

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