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Autobiography of My Dead Brother

Award winning author Walter Dean Myer’s new book, Autobiography of My Dead Brother, is a realistic, gritty, look at how even the smallest events and situations can have huge impacts. This book, which has already won the National Book Award for Young Adult Literature, combines elements of street lit, sketch book illustrations, and graphic novels, to create an accurate and compelling look into the lives of some of Harlem’s residents.
*Special Note – If you have read Adam Mansbach’s Angry Black White Boy, or met Mansbach at the Neutral Zone, check this book out! Different topics, same way of sticking with you days after you have finished.

Where I want to be by Adele Griffin

Adele Griffin tells a compelling story about two sisters, Jane and Lily. In alternating chapters, from Jane's, then Lily's point of view, it gradually becomes clear that Jane is telling the story after her death in a car accident. Lilly is telling hers from the present. Jane had struggled most of her life with mental illness, often having difficulty separating the real from the unreal and only found solace with her loving grandparents. Lilly is attractive and popular but with her loss, tightens her grip on Caleb, her understanding boyfriend.

Fruits Basket Discussion Thread

Fruits Basket: Tohru Freaks
Tohru Freaking Out. Nuff said.

Thank you to everyone who came to MC Otakon, it was fun! To sign up for the next program please check your copy of AXIS, because its late and I can't remember these things.

Please post your thoughts on the books, though try not to post spoilers, I'm going to make a separate thread for that.


Hot GREEN rubber!

AXIS rubber bracelets

Don't forget to pick-up a bracelet this week - ask at the DOWNTOWN youth desk or at the reference desk at ANY branch library. This way you will be beyond stylish *and* keep the axis website address at the tip of your fingers...

Just Like That

Just Like That is the eighth novel by award-winning author Marsha Qualey. Hanna, 18, is opinionated, independent, and finds refuge with her artistic talents. One night she happens upon a scene by a frozen lake that turns tragic and challenges her integrity and character. Hanna meets Will; there is a strong attraction. They realize they both have a connection to the tragedy on the lake. There's an interview with the author and interesting background to this book at her website

Super Smash and Kart Tournaments: This Weekend!

AADL-GT Pad Logo
AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

The action heats up this weekend, with our first-ever Open Super Smash Bros: Melee tournament, inviting all players ages 13 and up to come and fight against the best SSB:M players in the area for a shot at giftcard prizes: $40 for 1st place, $30 for 2nd, and $20 for 3rd. Doors open Friday night at 6:00 PM in the Downtown Library Multipurpose Room, and the Tournament will start after 6:30. The format will be 2 or 3 stock, 4-player battles, with all items and stages enabled, earning points for wins, with the highest scorers moving on to elimination brackets. Registration is now open.

Then, on Saturday, we've got AADL-GT Round 3, from Noon - 5 PM at the Downtown Library, including Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart Single-player and Team Events. Doors open at 11:30, and Preregistration is open now. Winners of each event advance to the Sur-Prize round,, where they'll play a MYSTERY GAME to determine who will take home the $70, $50, and $30 gift cards.

The Minister's Daughter by Julie Hearn

The story of The Minister's Daughter is not what you may think. Grace, the beautiful daughter, plays a major part in the story but the main character is Nell, granddaughter of the local cunning woman, a healer and midwife who is passing on her lore to Nell. It is the time of civil war in England between the Royalists and the Puritans. Grace's father, the minister, is one of many rabid witch hunters. When Grace becomes pregnant, she blames Nell who she says practiced witchcraft on her. Caught up in the hysterical frenzy, the townspeople hunt down Nell. Patience, Grace's sister, tells the same story in alternating chapters from the stand of the Salem Witch trials in 1645.


As part of our on-going partnership with The Neutral Zone here's your chance to meet TEEN author and editor, David Levithan. David will be appearing for FREE at the Neutral Zone (637 S. Main) Tuesday, October 18 @ 7:00PM. He will be talking about his books ( Boy Meets Boy, Realm of Possibility and the NEW Are We There Yet? ), writing and his experiences as an editor at Scholastic Books and more! Hope we see you there...

Another Teen Book Goes to Hollywood!

It has just been announced that Looking for Alaska by John Green will be hitting the big screen in the distant future. It is a year in the life of sixteen-year-old Miles at Culver Creek Preparatory School in Alabama. He has a great time at boarding school pulling pranks and learning about life, until a tragic car crash changes his whole life. This book will make you laugh and cry, and hopefully the movie will be just as good!

Fruits Basket Discussion Thread

In honor of the Fruits Basket discussion at MC Otakon, I want to share some Chinese Zodiac resources. Find out about your sign!

I also want to note that as of now, this Wednesday's program is full.

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