Animanga This Fall

Anime Full Metal Alchemist Ed

Planning Animanga Club for this fall is underway. I know everyone said they liked meeting on the Weekends but there are many football Saturdays to compete with in the fall. What about meeting Friday nights? Also, what do you think about doing Full Metal Alchemist in the fall? I also have a call for a Vintage Night.


Friday nights? As in, EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT? As in, once a week???

And Vintage Night. PLEASE DO IT. And make sure we can watch videos, too, because some of the shows I have (like Kimagure Orange Road) I only own on video.

We would probably meet once a month but I'm glad you are so excited!!!! Can you think of other favorite shows you would like to see on that day? I'll see what I can do about watching videos.

My brother suggests DNAngel

I would like a Vampire night. Although most of the vampire animes I watch are at higher age bracket then what you've been hosting.

"Who's on first."

I use to enjoy FMA but it kind of drags on and I wasn't very impressed with it as it went on. You might try Fate/Stay Night or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Both I've watched like the first episode or so and are highly rated. You can also check the The age classifications are general so not all animes have everything in the classification.

Vampires are awesome. I just read this great teen book called Blue Bloods. It is about a bunch of rich high school kids in New York who figure out they're vampires because they are decendents of the Mayflower immigrants.

I'm also a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. Maybe we could find some good vampire animes for the club. Do you have any favorite titles?

I prefer Gangrel vampires over the Blue Bloods. OK, I'll shut-up about V:TM.

Ok, so once a mounth isnt enough...once a week would be the coolest EVER! but I would live with twice a mounth.
We neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to show more Naruto, that was the best! haha, I think I like it a little too much, lol.
EVERYTHING MUST BE AWESOME! or I (yes me, the awesome Aurora, lol, jkjk) will not come...or I just might be gone, lol.
Making things from the animes has been really cool too. so we should keep doing that...ummm, yeah...

~Ninja Girl Ruri~