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In the back of Fly By Night, Frances Hardinge gives us the following warning: "This is not a historical novel. It is a yarn. Although the Realm is based roughly on England at the start of the eighteenth century, I have taken appalling liberties with historical authenticity and, when I felt like it, the laws of physics."

Recipes inspired by Dr. Seuss

I’m a fan of food and of books, so of course, I’m a big fan of the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook, with recipes “concocted” by Georgeanne Brennan. Consume Katroo “Happy Birthday to You” Cake and read the book it is inspired by on a child’s big day! Beat the heat with Nice Lime Ice (Hold the Mice!) and I Can Read with My Eyes Shut! Cook up Nook Hook Cook Book Dogs and continue with One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. If anything, check it out to peruse recipe titles like Brigger-ba-Root Doughnut Shoot and Noodle-Eating-Poodle Noodles, inspired by If I Ran in the Circus and by Fox in Socks.

Sticky Burr!!

Read the inspiring story (in graphic storybook form) of an anthropomorphic seed pod who becomes a hero. And there’s even a song to learn at the end!
Sticky Burr and his good friend Draffle the Dragonfly save Princess Oralee (of the lightning bugs) and the entire village of burrs in this exciting adventure for middle-graders. For even more fun visit the Sticky Burr website.

Great Grandpa Could Not Have Imagined

What you can make with that thing he used to clean his pipe with! All kids five and up are invited to join us for Pipecleaner Fun when we make crawly critters and other outrageous creations at the Pittsfield Branch this Wednesday, June 20th at 4:00 p.m.

Tiger Tail Soup Anyone?

Find out why Tiger is so mad and Bear is so sad at the Downtown and Pittsfield “Safari” preschool storytimes this week.

Any bug lovers out there?

The periodical cicada has invaded the Midwest by the billions over the past few weeks- particularly in parts of llinois, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin. These red-eyed beauties (yes, I said beauties!) spend 17 years underground before they emerge, and when they emerge, boy are they en masse! Some people find them amazing, others find them loud and messy. You can be your own judge of that. Find more cicada facts, and colorful pictures too, here. Happy reading, and don’t let them bug you too much!

New Stories to Go Bags!

Pittsfield now offers Stories to Go bags! Also carried at the Downtown Library and at the Mallets Creek Branch, these canvas bag kits contain an activity folder, a CD or a DVD, and a few books centered on various subjects. We have six new themes this year! These include: Bedtime, Food & Eating, Going to School, New Baby, Potty Time, and Teeth.

Storytime Fun

This week’s Downtown and Pittsfield storytimes will take you traveling around the pond and off to India and Timbuktu!

Nancy Drew on screen

A movie adaptation of the popular girl’s detective and adventure series, Nancy Drew, reaches theater screens June 15th. In the film, Nancy is conspicuously out of place as a student at Hollywood High, but soon, she is up to her old ways investigating the death of actress Dehlia Draycott. Interesting factoid, Carolyn Keene is actually a pseudonym for the many different writers that penned the series since it was created in 1930. For example, Mildred Wirt Augustine is the author of the very first book, The Secret of the Old Clock.

June Wedding

If you are taking the kids to a wedding this month, check out Flower Girl Butterflies, Lilly's Big Day, and Road to Mumbai for picture book reading.

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