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Language LearningLanguage Learning

Whether you are starting to learn another language, brushing up on one, or need some help with your English, the Ann Arbor District Library’s Language Learning collection is here to help. With materials for adults and children and over 60 languages to choose from, you will be sure to find a variety of materials to assist in your learning experience. The adult Language Learning collection at Downtown is located on the 3rd floor while the youth materials are in the Youth department, 1st floor; at other branches the Language Learning collection is located within the non-fiction 400 call # range. See below for how to search in the catalog for this collection.

Registration for AAPS Adult Education GED Summer Program


Ann Arbor Public Schools Adult Education’s Summer GED Preparation has started, but it is not too late to register for this ten-week, free program. If you are 18 or older and want your GED, come to either the morning (Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.) or evening (Monday and Wednesday, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.) class. Both are at Stone School in Room 314. You do not need to call in advance: just arrive on time, attend class and plan to stay and enroll afterward. Classes started the week of June 1st and the deadline for new students to register is Thursday, June 10. Registration for the summer ends that morning. Registration for fall will begin at the end of August. Call 734-997-1250 with any questions.

Brush Up on Bicycle Safety!

Ride RightRide RightJoseph Kane's Famous First Facts, a wonderfully informative and interesting resource, notes that it was on this day in 1896 that the first reported automobile accident causing injury in the United States occurred. This first injury accident was an automobile-bicycle collision resulting in a fractured leg, and represents a cautionary event that's still relevant 114 years later.

Keeping cyclists safe is everybody's responsibility. Even way back then, the law relied on cyclists to be visible in traffic and to pedestrians, and to outfit their bikes appropriately for the conditions. According to an article in an 1899 edition of the New York Times, that city's own squad of bicycle policemen had made 65 arrests by 10pm on June 4th, most of which were for cyclists riding without a light and bell.

To help cyclists of all ages try to avoid the various road and traffic hazards, the AADL offers many helpful resources.

Try this search to get you started on bike safety materials for young and beginning riders. There is also a Safety Town run jointly by the Ann Arbor Police Department and the Ann Arbor Public Schools Community Education & Recreation Department. Safety Town was founded in my hometown of Mansfield, Ohio in 1937 by a traffic commissioner and a kindergarten teacher, and "includes pedestrian safety, bike safety, stranger safety, drug awareness, fire safety, school bus safety, outdoor safety and seat belt safety." I remember having an absolute blast riding my tricycle around the miniature town (with Mansfield landmark buildings and working stop light!), obeying all the rules of the road I'd just learned. If the program is anything like it was back then, I can strongly recommend it for any young person.

Even we old(er) cyclists need to keep reminding ourselves how to stay safe. Here are a few books that might help us stay upright and moving forward. Parts of David Hough's Proficient Motorcycling are actually very relevant to bicyclists (and anyone in traffic). I haven't read anything anywhere that's had a better effect on my understanding of visibility, sight lines, and awareness.

For a little perspective, Kane reports that almost exactly three years after that first accident, a bicycle officer made the first ever arrest of a driver for speeding. The driver was traveling at the "breakneck speed" of 12mph on NYC's Lexington Ave.

Oh, and did I mention that speedster back in 1899 was an electric car?

Five Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Dyslexia and ADHD

Peter Pullen, Head of School at Eton Academy, the nationally recognized independent school for students with learning challenges, will provide parents with easy to understand definitions, a review of the misconceptions associated with Dyslexia and ADHD, and five strategies to help dyslexic and ADHD students find success in school at this presentation at the Downtown Library on Monday, May 3, 7 PM.

College Night on Thursday, April 15

Finding the right college and getting admitted is easily a multi-year project for teens and their parents. Get a head start on the search process by listening to advice from some local experts. College application experts John Boshoven, Community High’s premier college prep counselor, and Deb Merion, founder of Essay Coaching will be joined by performance coach Geraldine Markel at this event for parents and teens.

College Night | Thursday, April 15 | 7:00-8:30 PM | Traverwood | Grade 9-Adult

Find the Right Preschool for your Family

Preschool ExpoPreschool Expo

Preschool Expo will be held at the Palmer Commons on the campus of the University of Michigan, 100 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor on Sunday, March 7, 2010 from 1:00-4:00pm. Representatives from over 50 preschools will be on hand to answer your questions, share promotional materials, and show examples of some of the great activities going on at their schools. This event is free and open to the public! What a great opportunity to learn about many preschools, all in one place. This event is sponsored by the Ann Arbor District Library, Child Care Network, U of M Work/Life Programs, and Washtenaw Success by Six.

Filing for Bankruptcy


Whether a major medical event, loss of a job or a house sunk you, bankruptcy won’t be a shining moment in your life, but it is an opportunity to get your financial life back on track. Not much free legal help is available in Washtenaw County so it is important to know as much as possible about the process and that is where the Ann Arbor District Library is a real help.
The library has a large selection of up-to-date books on the topic that you can find here: Bankruptcy
The library also has books that give great advice on how to proceed after bankruptcy that you can find here: Credit Repair
In order to file you have to pay your attorney up front, so if you are receiving a tax return soon, this could be a very good time to plan your strategy.
It is never easy to admit defeat. Just know that you have now joined a select club that includes Francis Ford Coppola, Walt Disney, Mark Twain, Wayne Newton and Donald Trump. Except for Trump's hair, they all ended up doing better than ok!

ACT Plus Writing Test Tips with Kaplan Experts

Kaplan logoKaplan logo

You get just one shot at the Michigan Merit Exam (MME) in March. One of the MME components is the ACT Plus Writing Test. During the test you have 30 minutes to read a question and then think, organize, and write a short essay. Intimidating? Yes, but a Kaplan instructor will provide you a road map for getting ready to write a dynamic response.

Wednesday, January 13 | 7:00-8:00 PM | Pittsfield Branch

Test Taking 101 with Kaplan Experts

Kaplan logoKaplan logo

Approach ACT or SAT test day with confidence! Kaplan instructors will lay out strategies for preparing for the tests and guide you through some questions, showing how to arrive at the correct answer.

Test Taking 101 | Wednesday, January 13 | 7-8 PM | Pittsfield | Grades 9-12

Helping Hands -- Parent Magazine Update

helping handhelping hand

It takes work to be a responsible parent, or even just a responsible adult. This month's parent magazine update focuses on magazines that give advice -- because we all need a little help now and then.

Home Education Magazine has advice for any parent who wants to be a little more involved with their child's education -- including an article on the National History Day contest, a guide to running a book club for boys, and a list of good books for teaching teens about money.

Working Mother Magazine features a list of the 100 most family-friendly companies to work for, a guide to purchasing life insurance, and an article on how to rid your home of scary chemicals often found in paint, upholstery and even toys.

American Baby Magazine provides a guide to recognizing signs of autism spectrum disorders in children and seven tips for managing tantrums.

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