Why Is My Computer So Slow? How To Remove Spyware And Perform Routine Preventive Maintenance

Monday July 16, 2012: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Traverwood Branch: Program Room

Mateen Jaffer of Jafferson Computers returns to AADL to discuss ways to ensure online safety and security for your computer and boost performance. Learn how to tell if your computer is infected and what free programs are available to clean your computer and boost its performance and Internet speed.



I probably need to go to this...

Sounds cool

sounds like my dad would like it (he's a computer programmer)

I would like to check it out... if I could go... :-C

This would be helpful.

My parents might need this class with there slow computer!!!

yes it will be once my parents go there!

I really should go to this event.

looks cool

This will help my computer SO much!! I am definitely going.

maybe the AADL computers could be examined...

The AADL computers are kind of (barely) slow, but an examination would be cool.

I could not make it :(

This is what I need.

I also missed this. Traverwood is so far away from where I live. :(

same. but i don't think I will be allowed to test on my home computer anyways

Probably not.

Will the library offer this again?