Value Line

Value Line is now available from a computer at any Library branch. Value Line is an investment advisory service that rates hundreds of stocks as to safety, timeliness and projected price performance. It's best known for the Value Line Investment Survey, a comprehensive source of information and advice on approximately 1,700 stocks, more than 90 industries, the stock market, and the economy.

ACT / SAT Test Practice 10:30-Noon, Saturday, September 30

E testE test

Yep, test time draws near! LearningExpress Library can help you get ready. Join us in the Pittsfield Computer Training Center and take an e-practice test.

ACT / SAT Test Practice 10:30-Noon Saturday, September 30

Signed up to take the SAT and/or the ACT soon? There’s an online library database, LearningExpress Library, that can help you get ready. Join us in the Pittsfield Computer Training Center to take a practice test that will be scored and tell you how you did.

Need test taking tips? The library has helpful books like Zen in the Art of the SAT: How to Think, Focus, and Achieve Your Highest Score.

Maps to Take With on Your Vacation

Mackinac Map

When I go on vacation I need maps, maps of cities I will be visiting and maps of states I will be driving through.

I borrow the maps from the library’s map files on the Second Floor of the Downtown Library. The library has maps for Michigan cities and regions, for states, for most major cities in the United States, and for foreign countries and cities. The maps circulate for four weeks.

During a recent trip up north I found where I was going with the aid of street maps of Mackinaw City, Mackinac Island, Harbor Springs, Petoskey, Charlevoix, and Traverse City and a regional Michigan map of the Northern Tip of Michigan.

In the past year the map files helped with maps of San Francisco, Napa and Sonoma counties, Chicago, Boston, Greenville (S.C.), Chapel Hill (N.C.), and Ithaca (N.Y.)

The map files are a great resource. Ease the stress of travel with some good maps.

Primary Election Results

Unofficial results from the August 8 Primary Election are available here from Turnout in Washtenaw county was 17.56%, with 43,301 votes cast. State results are available here.

Web Bits - Gardening With Kids

Great Plant Escape"

Do have dirt? Do you have kids? Do you want a summertime project to do at home? There are good Kids and Garden sites to give you inspiration. Try
"Gardening With Children or "The Great Plant Escape".

Earth Bits - Global Warming

Earth Image

For Earth Day 2006, lessons on global warming were developed by Google and publisher Scholastic. They built a site that "lets students literally fly across the world and see for themselves how the earth is changing" using satellite imagery. It is designed for 6th to 8th grade students, and can be found at "Explore Your Earth". Educators need to download Google Earth in order to use the lesson plans but the basic version of the virtual globe is free.

Craigslist: 21st Century Classifieds


AADL Select Sites : Ann Arbor / Washtenaw County

Use Ann Arbor’s page on craigslist to find a job, an apartment, or an antique, milk glass parlor lamp (see photograph) and more. You can look for love on the personals pages, and even post messages on the missed connections page, in hopes of recreating the special moment from last Tuesday with that super cute barista at Starbucks on State and Liberty.

Craigslist is user-friendly and no frills, and best of all, it’s free. You don’t even have to register with them to send or read postings (hello, annoying digital camera picture websites!), and a flagging system helps keep out the inappropriate and sneaky commercial stuff. Craigslist can even be entertaining—check out best of craigslist for reader-nominated posts of variable merit—everything from misspelled rants to stunningly off-target personal ads.

Happy craigging!

Death Becomes Them

Dead or Alive

AADL Select Sites : Reference Tools

A macabre site for the morbidly curious, Dead or Alive? features the vital status of “reasonably famous people” from all walks of life: sports stars, scientists, politicians, movie stars and more. A mysterious administrator obsessively updates the site, which to date catalogues 7430 people, more of them listed alive than dead. View site statistics and deaths arranged by cause (more “reasonably famous” people have been killed by volcanic eruption (3) than balloon crash (1), for example), or compare the status of people in different fields. If perusing the lists does not prove addictive enough, the site features quizzes that regenerate every 15 minutes.

Should accuracy concern you, the site claims to have made only one confirmed mistake in the status of a person in three years.


Earl Alone

AADL Select Sites : Kids

Yahooligans—Yahoo’s site for kids—is packed with news, info pages, links, and, perhaps most importantly, free games kids can play online!

There are loads of links on all kinds of subjects—from Sports and Recreation to Arts and Entertainment, school subjects, and more. Find out which famous artist shares your birthday or what the Peruvian flag looks like.

Kids can Ask Earl, a sort of cyber-librarian, whatever questions they desire, or browse questions others have asked before. Discover, for example, the name of the first video game ever invented, or the height of the famous escape artist, Harry Houdini.

Last, but not least, concerned parents and curious teachers can check out the Parent’s Guide to Safe Surfing or the Yahooligan’s Teacher’s Guide.

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