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Date Received: 2015-07-14
Type: complaint
Regarding: noise

Patron Comment: At the Pittsfield branch, the 20' tall contraption for young children that shoots a ball up a tube noisily -- situated away from the dedicated children's areas -- is such an unfortunate win-lose installation.It's a win for kids, who clearly enjoy it since they use it constantly (though I can't see what benefit it has beyond novelty/toy -- the way it's used is simple mindless repetition). It's a lose for anyone trying to concentrate at the nearby tables. A library employee told me it has been in place for 10 years, so I recognize that it's likely to stay for years to come. But for all future decisions throughout our library system, I do hope you'll consider that there's usually a win-win option. This situation is going to keep me from using an otherwise great facility that is now the nearest branch to my home (upon moving). Last, please note that I have this concern even as an ardent fan of encouraging "library and exploration love" among children and youth -- to the extent of having nearly entered the field specifically for children's librarianship. In fact, the only reason I'm in Ann Arbor is that I moved here 22 years ago with a full scholarship to U-M's School of Library and Information studies. In general, I'm a great appreciator of the AADL. This particular decision -- the placement of the distractingly noisy contraption -- is baffling. Thank you. Karen Gates

AADL Reply: Karen, Thanks for taking the time to express your feelings regarding the Bernoulli exhibit at Pittsfield. I am sorry that the sounds of the equipment and that of the children when they are using it are so unpleasant for you that you are choosing against using that library location. The consistently quiet areas in the system are the reading room at West and the entire 2nd and 3rd floors at the Downtown Library. I do hope that you can eventually find opportunities to use the Pittsfield Branch since it is near your home, and I am very glad to know that you are an appreciator of the AADL. Regards, Josie Parker DIrector

Date Received: 2015-07-14
Type: other
Regarding: inquiry from other institution

Patron Comment: Hello! I am the activities director at Atria Park of Ann Arbor, located on Plymouth Rd. I have a lot of seniors here who have made it clear they are interested in learning computer basics. For example, a lot of them would like to learn more about Google, Email, Facebook, their Ipads/Tablets or Iphones/Smart phones. I am reaching out because I am looking for a volunteer that might be interested in coming to our facility and helping seniors once a week or twice a month even. We do have a public computer here that residents are able to utilize and a lot of them have their own computers and electronic devices that they would love help with. Thoughts? Suggestions? Any idea if there would be a group or a person who might be interested in volunteering? Thanks, look forward to talking more.

AADL Reply: Thank you for contacting AADL regarding computer instruction for seniors. Due to the variety of devices and applications people are using now, we've found that a "one size fits all" approach isn't very effective, but rather what people are really in need of, is one-on-one instruction with the device(s) and applications they're using or most comfortable with. AADL is not currently offering instruction in computer basics and is unable to accommodate requests for regularly scheduled offsite programming of this type, but try checking with some of the local senior centers, or perhaps one or more of your residents has a family member who may be willing to help out. Sincerely, Terry Soave Outreach & Neighborhood Services Manager

Date Received: 2015-07-13
Type: other
Regarding: other

Patron Comment: Do you accept book donations? If so how does one go about this. We have books from an estate. Can you accept a large number? Thank you.

AADL Reply: Donations are accepted, but are processed by the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library and are placed in their Book Shop. If your donation is large the Friends request that you please call ahead – (734) 302-7774 – to make arrangements. Generally donations may be brought to the back of the Downtown Library (343 S. Fifth Avenue) during library business hours (http://www.aadl.org/aboutus/hours). Enter the Staff Parking lot off William Street, ring intercom buzzer at door and tell receptionist that you have materials to donate. Donation bins are directly inside the door. The Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library will then process your donation. For more information on material accepted visit http://www.faadl.org/ and follow the "Donate Books" link. Thank you. Karen Wilson, Administrative Assistant

Date Received: 2015-07-12
Type: complaint
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: Hello I'm feeling really bothered by the fiction section being moved to the second floor. I was so shocked when I first saw it! To me it gives the impression that video and such are more important and therefore need to be located right when you walk in. Every time I want to access the fiction, which is often I have to go upstairs. And there are less computers up there to access my account or look something up. I really hope this is something that can be fixed! Thanks for listening.

AADL Reply: Thank you for taking the time to comment, and to share your feelings about recent changes in the Downtown Library. I am sorry that you are shocked by the relocation of fiction, and I do hope knowing that the move affords us the opportunity to grow that collection will lessen your concerns. We have not reduced the number of public access catalogs, but we did redistribute them. If you are not able to find a computer station to use for searching on your next visit, please ask someone at a desk. They will be more than happy to direct you to a computer. We are pleased that you use the Library, and I do hope that you come to see the positives for the move of fiction to a much larger space. Regards, Josie Parker Director

Date Received: 2015-07-10
Type: compliment
Regarding: collection

Patron Comment: Thank you so much for honoring local authors as you do. I'm very happy to have two of my books in the catalog. With my very best wishes, Jan

AADL Reply: Thank you, and we are glad, too! Regards, Josie Parker Director

Date Received: 2015-07-09
Type: other
Regarding: room rental

Patron Comment: Hello: I've read your policy on outside groups booking library space, but I'd like to know more specifics - can a public meetup group on entrepreneurialism book space in any of branches? Thanks for your help.

AADL Reply: The meeting rooms at the Downtown Library, Malletts Creek, Pittsfield and Traverwood branches are all rental spaces. Fees range from $75.00 (for 4 hours) for the Downtown Library Conference Room A to $125.00 (for 4 hours) for the rest of our meeting spaces. They are available for rental up to 4 times per calendar year. No admission may be charged, no monies raised, or items sold at rental activities. The aadlfreespace located at the Downtown Library may be used up to 12 times per calendar year. It requires an AADL library card in order to reserve that space. The same applies that no admission may be charged, no monies raise, or items sold during the use of that room. For more details on the rooms available for rental please visit: http://www.aadl.org/services/roomrental Sincerely, Karen Wilson, Administrative Assistant

Date Received: 2015-07-08
Type: programs and events
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: I used to see classes/seminars on microsoft word, excel, etc. but can not find them on your website. Do you still have them? Thanks

AADL Reply: AADL is not currently offering basic computer classes, but we do recommend you check out the online resources we have listed on our website at: http://www.aadl.org/handouts. These online resources are the same ones we were accessing when we were offering beginning computer classes and we think you will find them useful. Sincerely, Terry Soave Outreach & Neighborhood Services Manager

Date Received: 2015-07-05
Type: general suggestion
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: The computer classes are going well, but you need a larger area. I am referring to the computer classes for children on Sundays.

AADL Reply: Hello, thanks for contacting us! We appreciate your suggestion and your positivity! Do you mean the events on the 3rd floor of the Downtown Library? We are working on reconfiguring those two rooms to make better use of the space and expand the capacity of the computer room. Thanks again for taking the time to send this is, and thanks for using your library! -eli Eli Neiburger Deputy Director Ann Arbor District Library

Date Received: 2015-07-03
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: You could let patrons know about Seedlings Braille Books for Children in Livonia, MI also: http://www.seedlings.org/ It is a non-profit.

AADL Reply: Hi Christin, Thanks for the suggestion! You are correct that Seedlings Braille Books for Children is a non-profit. However, there is a charge for purchasing their books; and while AADL does not promote Seedlings, we do purchase books from them that you will find included in our general collection. Terry Soave Outreach & Neighborhood Services Manager

Date Received: 2015-07-03
Type: compliment
Regarding: compliment

Patron Comment: CONGRADULATIONS on all the recent awards the AADL has garnered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each and every one -and more- are well-earned!!!!!!!!! Thanx for all your great services and wishing you continued success!!!!!!

AADL Reply: Thank you so much for your gracious note. We are so very glad that you are pleased with AADL, and I will make sure that the staff sees your message. Sincerely, Josie Parker Director