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Green Day Heads MTV Video Award Nominees

The popular, punk-pop band, Green Day leads the MTV Video Award Nominations with 8 nominations - including two for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "American Idiot." Other nominees include Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliot, U2, Kelly Clarkson, Coldplay and Snoop Dogg. The 22nd annual MTV awards will be broadcast from Miami on Aug. 28. on MTV.

Superheroes to Go

Long before the caped crusaders made it to the big screen they were hits on the radio. Listen to the original radio productions of Batman's Great Mystery, The Shadow and Science Fiction Classics on compact disc to find out how superheroes saved the world without computers.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Yogi Berra's Shows

Tiger Stadium, the real one at Michigan and Trumball, was the home of great baseball players and great baseball moments. Joe Falls of the Detroit News interviews fans, players, and stadium stalwarts for Echoes of Tiger Stadium, a three-hour remembrance even Ty Cobb would enjoy.

And who better to pick the greatest baseball radio shows than Yogi Berra? He didn't get the jokes, he couldn't follow the stories, but Yogi loved them and so will you.

A Time to Love

A Time To Love, the latest from Stevie Wonder, registered the highest number of debut spins (418) in the history of the Billboard Adult R&B chart when it was released earlier this year. Wonder's first release in nearly ten years also features Prince on guitar, with background vocals by En Vogue.

Shorter Trips, Shorter Listens

Vacationing closer to home this summer? Then take along some books on compact disc that match your mileage. For mystery fans, Peter Robinson's Strange Affair or Linda Fairstein's Entombed will get you to Lake Michigan and back before you know it.

If you like your stories with a twist of British humor, P.G. Wodehouse is your author and Jeeves is your man. Let the clueless Woosters and the inimitable Jeeves Carry On in your car and you'll be saying Right Ho, We're There!

This week on Billboard

This week R Kelly's Tp.3 Reloaded is the "Hot Shot Debut" on the Billboard 200. "Since his 2002 indictment, he has become increasingly prolific, ambitious, and bold (i.e., bonkers)...Thematically opposite to Happy People/U Saved Me, the first hour of TP.3 is mostly about getting rowdy and getting it on, full of some of the clumsiest and lewdest lyrics Kelly has written." (allmusic.com)

The Cookbook, by Missy Elliott and X&Y, by Coldplay are #2 and #3 respectively.

Garden State Blues

Zach Braff is certainly a writer and director who we need to keep our eyes on. His motion picture debut Garden State can be put on the same shelf as Wes Anderson's Rushmore and Bottle Rocket. I'm looking forward to his next project.

Braff's musical picks for this motion picture turn out to be an ideal mix of melancholy, carefree, and sincerity. Featuring new and old (some long dead) artists, this OST brings together a thoughtful mix of styles that all seem to play off each other in a way that makes this a perfect summer spin for your home or car. Some notable artists are: Nick Drake, Iron & Wine, Coldplay, Shins, Zero 7, and Thievery Corporation.

The Cosmic Game

Thievery Corporation's latest offering definitely blows the lid off my expectations. What is so great about this band is that every single album they release pushes out in a new direction while maintaining the down-tempo soul that is at the heart of all Thievery music. The Cosmic Game is no different. While it fuses Indian raga, Reggae, and Middle Eastern invocations, it also brings in some familiar voices such as Perry Ferrell (Jane's Addiction) and The Flaming Lips.
These headline names, along with the vastly expanded musical ensemble, underscore the fact that Thievery Corporation has come into its own. Truly, every song on this album is fantastic.

Hothouse Flowers

Hothouse Flowers will be at The Ark on July 24 at 7:30 p.m. The Irish band, which started as a Dublin street-performance act, "made a name for itself during the late '80s and early '90s with a passionate, bombastic fusion of rock & roll with the rootsy sounds of Irish folk and American gospel." (allmusic.com).

The Emancipation of Mimi

Mariah Carey looks and sounds like Beyoncé on The Emancipation of Mimi, but apparently that's the right recipe. The album, previously #1, is currently #4 on The Billboard 200 and fans of Carey--the best-selling female performer of the 1990s--are hailing it as a comeback.

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