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BAND-O-RAMA! How can I write this as loud as The Play Ground would like to shout it? Having attended this Michigan Tradition many times, I can enthusiastically recommend it. Band-o-rama features the Symphony Band, Concert Band and the Michigan Marching Band-and it is amazing and thrilling to see the entire band marching in time on the stage of Hill Auditorium.

Kids Bits - Add Salsa

Manana Iguana is a Latin birthday nod to the Little Red Hen story "Who will help Me?" Soy Una Pizza provides plenty of songs to party in Spanish. Putumayo's Latin Playground will put mood into the next reading of the book before the return to the Library.

Baby Bits - Shoes

"There once was a baby who hid in a shoe, and had learned how to say, 'How do you do?'" Shoe Baby builds with rhyme and fantasy. Follow your Read-Aloud with flavorful music and dance with your "Shoe Baby". There's Elvis Rock-n-roll in Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Songs for Kids, Children's Songs in Happy Feet, or Jazz era Swing with Fidgety Feet.

A Girl Called Eddy

A Girl Called Eddy is actually a girl called Erin Moran who wears her pop influences on her sleeve. Echoes of Karen Carpenter, Carole King and Dusty Springfield run through her debut album, but Moran's heartfelt lyrics and slightly jazzy vocals make this a great album in its own right, and not merely a pale imitation of the classics.

Sophomore Release from Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand just recently released their second album titled You Could Have It So Much Better. New bands oftentimes have some difficulty with their sophomore effort, but “it's a stunning, confident piece of work that suggests the band is merely getting started.” ( Their first single off the album is a catchy punk-pop song called “Do You Want To.” The AADL has several copies on order, so get yourself on the hold list! If you haven’t checked out this group yet, we also own their first album, which is self-titled.

The Play Ground

Busy, busy, busy. One old, one new. The Boys From Syracuse, a physical comedy full of farcical mischief will be at the Mendelssohn Theatre at the Michigan League on October 13-16. This was the first musical to be adapted from the works of Shakspeare when it opened in 1938. If you love Shakespeare, Richard Rogers, Lorenz Hart or George Abbott this is the play to see.
The Performance Network is co-premiering Joan Ackerman's play about a poetess who lives in happy obscurity until her neighbor, Edith Wharton, passes her work along to an editor who wants to publish it. Through October 30th.

The Women Rise to the Top

All Jacked Up by Gretchen Wilson is this week's no. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart and it is also no. 1 on Billboard's Country Albums chart. All Jacked Up topped her first cd Here for the Party in number of cd units sold the first week of sales.

In the no. 2 spot on this week's Billboard 200 chart is Wildflower by Sheryl Crow. Her 2002 title C'Mon, C'Mon also opened at the number two spot on the Billboard 200 Chart at the time of its debut.


Andre Anderson is the hoopster; he plays with skill and style. He also interns at a magazine, with aspirations to become a fulltime writer someday. When he writes an article on the topic of racism, he is praised and rewarded at work for his insights, but an extremist group takes offense and brutally attacks Andre. He struggles to re-group, heal and deal with his anger. JD Jackson narrates Andre's story with a dramatic flair. The author, Alan Lawrence Sitomer teaches English at an inner-city school.

New Music from Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple released her third album this week titled Extraordinary Machine. So far it has gotten good reviews and is a #1 seller on The CD is on order now, so get on the hold list!

Upcoming Music Performances in the Detroit Area!!

Kanye West

Have you been enjoying the newest albums from The White Stripes, Death Cab for Cutie, Kanye West and Gwen Stefani? Well you can catch these artists on tour at a nearby venue!

9/30 – 10/02 -- The White Stripes @ The Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI
10/14 – Death Cab for Cutie @ The Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, MI
10/22 – Kanye West @ The Fox Theater in Detroit, MI
10/29 – Gwen Stefani @ The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, MI

Check out Ticketmaster for ticket information!

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