Let’s Yoga!

Stretch your body as well as your mind with a yoga book on audio. The Beginner’s Guide to Yoga will get you started, Yoga Stretch for Fitness will keep you going and Lilias Yoga Complete will guarantee your status as a yoga master.

Baroque folk

Siblings Martha and Rufus Wainwright and their parents Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle all contributed to the McGarrigle Hour, a folk album that guest-stars Emmylou Harris. While the other McGarrigle and Wainwrights tend towards the traditional and folk side of things, Rufus Wainwright is known for his ”baroque pop” songs rich with harmonies and intimate lyrics. He’ll be appearing at the Michigan Theater on October 9th.

The Play Ground

The Play Ground can barely catch its breath because of the exciting news that “America’s Beautiful Voice,” premier soprano Renee Fleming is coming to Hill Auditorium on October 13. Renée Fleming will be performing in Richard Strauss’s Daphne with the WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne and Men of the WDR Radio Chorus Cologne. This will be a concert opera — operas performed in a concert setting with limited theatrical stage effects. In addition, Music Specialist Richard LeSueur will discuss the plot and the background of the Strauss' late masterpiece Daphne on Sunday, October 9 at 3pm Downtown at the Ann Arbor District Library.

#1 Record/Radio City

Although they only released three albums, Big Star is one of the most influential power pop bands of all time. They combined the best aspects of bands like the Kinks and the Byrds, added a touch of soul and created songs that are fantastically catchy. Frustration from their lack of commercial success led to several lineup changes and ultimately to the band's break up, but critics and bands such as R.E.M. continue to rate Big Star as one of the most important bands of the seventies.

Edinburgh Chronicle

Not a devoted fan of Alexander McCall-Smith yet? You will be after listening to his newest title, 44 Scotland Street. He takes leave of Botswana to chronicle the lives of the residents of an Edinburgh apartment house. You’ll swear McCall-Smith spent time in Ann Arbor as he describes the lives of artsy Domencia, an Auden-reading 5-year-old and his therapy-loving parents and plenty of other well-drawn characters. Kilts, brogues and Scottish fare are fair game too. So take leave of the serious stuff for this droll and enjoyable story.

Death Cab for Cutie!!

The latest Death Cab for Cutie album is on its way! Plans is the latest release from this excellent band, and it will not disappoint fans. If you’re an O.C. watcher, I’m sure you’ve heard their music. They also have several previous albums that are worth listening to (Transatlanticism, We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes, The Photo Album, and more…).

Ben Gibbard (one of the band members) also collaborated with Jimmy Tamborello, of Dntel, to form The Postal Service. This is an awesome pop album, and you may have heard the song “Such Great Heights” on the radio or TV.

Another Album from Paul McCartney

This month Paul McCartney has put out yet another CD: Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. For this album, Sir Paul has teamed up with Nigel Godrich, who has previously worked with Radiohead, leading him to create a deeper, more meaningful sound. Check out Amazon for more reviews and samples of the songs.

Get on the hold list today! The CD should arrive soon.

Baby Bits – Jazz and Mother Goose

With the Gulf Coast in our thoughts right now, bring home a flavor of New Orleans to taste with your baby. Two books with jazz and rhyme are Jazz Baby and Charlie Parker Plays Be Bop. Try the recording Mother Goose Jazz Band featuring jazz greats including Dave Brubeck, Chuck D’Aloia, and Laurel Masse, and you've got a taste of the Big Easy in your living room.

Baby Bits - Bear Count

Everyone who likes apples, bears and babies, start counting. With a book and song you like to repeat, Baby will learn to say, "Again!" Try Ten Red Apples: A Bartholomew Bear Counting Book. Learn songs to sing with Toddlers Sing Playtime and Unbearable Bears and you can sing in the car on your way to market. Don't forget to count the apples.

The Play Ground

The Play Ground is keeping busy as the musical scene heats up in the area. On the horizon is the awesome Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival of 2005. The festival will kick off September 25-29 with student jazz combos playing free shows from 6-7:30pm at Whole Foods in Ann Arbor. In addition, on Wednesday, September 28 at 7:00 our very own Ann Arbor District Library is presenting: Concert and Discussion: Tune Up for the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival: Odessa Harris and Johnnie Bassett Sing, Play and Discuss Blues and Jazz.

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