Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise

Sigur Rós is one of those bands that seems to invade the background of your life without you even knowing it. Chances are, you've heard something by Sigur Rós on a TV commercial. Chances are, if you passed this album on our shelf, you'd simply move on. With a title like () it's hard to know what to do with this album. This album is also known as Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise. Apparently, they named it after releasing it, probably because no one knew how to refer to it.

New Blues

The Complete Early Recordings of Skip James, 1930
Nehemiah Curtis "Skip" James, born 1902 in Yazoo City, Mississippi, and developed a three-finger picking style (like Mississippi John Hurt), and used an E-minor tuning he called "cross-note" tuning. He plays both guitar and piano on this disc on the Yazoo Label. The 1930 audio is noisy, but James' character and unique sound is not to be missed by Blues Fans.

Lightnin' Hopkins: The Gold Star Sessions, Vol. 2.
According to Blues Legend, ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons, as a teenager, heard Lightnin' Hopkins play at a coffeehouse, and later remarked, "He doesn't even know when to change chords." Lightnin', standing behind Gibbons, said, "Lightnin' change when Lightnin' want to".

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