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Who stole my tooth?! "I'm gonna send them Airmail To The Moon." This is what Ora Mae Cotton is going to do to the person who stole her tooth. She was saving it for the tooth fairy of course!
Dear Tooth Fairy: A Harry & Emily Adventure is Emily's letter to the tooth fairy in anticipation of a tooth falling out. Throw Your Tooth On The Roof tells tooth tales/traditions from around the world. AND then there's Mabel The Tooth Fairy And How She Got Her Job... another view all together...

Unique Gift of Story with a Local Flavor

time warptime warp

I think the best part about the CD Time Warp Tales is that it will spark memories and get the family telling stories together. These growing up tales from members of the Ann Arbor Storyteller's Guild are clever, warm and funny. How can you go wrong with stories entitled The Worm with a Face Like a Cat, Grandpa's Claim to Fame or The Search for Laughing Sal? I was especially moved by the last tale written by Sunnie Tait, beloved Ann Arbor school librarian and teller, who lives on through her stories. You will find the CD for sale at Nicola's Books, Sixteen Hands or Peaceable Kingdom.

Great NEW Teen Books for Girls...

Girls looking for something new to read over the school break (finally!) will be excited by some of the new titles that have just arrived! First there’s Poison Apples by Lily Archer a hilarious tale of revenge about three girls who meet at boarding school – only to discover that each was sent there by their wicked stepmother… Then there’s Indie Girl by Kavita Daswani the story of 15 year old Indie who desperately wants to make it in the world of fashion – even if it means babysitting a famous magazine publisher’s child for the rest of her life. Lastly try My Lost and Found Life by Melodie Bowsher - the story of Ashley whose life goes from perfect to perfectly awful in a matter of hours when her mother is accused of embezzling a million dollars and disappears. Completely on her own Ashley ends up homeless living in a camper behind a gas station. When she gets a job at San Francisco coffee shop her life changes – this time for the better.

“We read to know we are not alone.” – C. S. Lewis

Imagine that you're going through one of the hardest parts of your life— being a teenager— when your parents are killed in a horrific car crash. Now you, your 17-year-old sister, and your three-year-old brother are on your own. Imagine what that would be like. Then read this memoir, Grief Girl and find out.

REACHing Kids

Peace Neighborhood CenterPeace Neighborhood Center

Trying to teach your child to reach out to other and become more social? Peace Neighborhood Center has an afternoon program for kids in kindergarten – 5th grade called REACH which involves creativity and learning social skills. If you have the time to be a mentor or tutor for this kind of program or would like to make a donation to help keep this kind of programming alive in our community, Peace Neighborhood Center could be a part of your future.

Parenting Help

walk awaywalk away

Washtenaw County has a number of excellent programs for parents, and for their children, as they confront the issues surrounding separation, divorce and custody challenges. A new website sponsored by the County, ParentingHelp pulls together information on the programming and resources of six local public or non-profit agencies, as well as links to many other helpful sites.

In your face!

What’s it worth to you to be beautiful? In Your Face: The Culture of Beauty and You examines the fascination around beauty, a $9 billion dollar per year industry. It not only illustrates what past generations have done in the name of beauty like binding feet to keep them small or removing ribs to squeeze the waist to a tiny size but also shows today’s generation willing to undergo stomach stapling, plastic surgery, and more to become and stay beautiful.

Concerned about lead in toys?

Have the reports about the lead content in toys been scaring the daylights out of you? It turns out that there are do-it-yourself lead testing kits that you can buy to test the lead content on the surface of a toy. NPR reported on these tests today, describing recent evaluation of these tests by Consumer Union to determine the accuracy of the tests. If you are are interested in testing your child's toys for surface lead, check out this NPR report and the evaluations.


Laith Alattar kicks off a delightful afternoon on Sunday, December 2nd at 2:00 pm at the Downtown Library with his fabulous instrument, the Oud, for our Arab Family Cultural Celebration. Music, treats donated from Masri Sweets, and a geometric paper rug craft will entertain the whole family.

Tasty Microwave Creations at Malletts Creek


Learn how to make delicious dishes and savory snacks in this hands-on workshop. Leave with a fistful of recipes to impress your family and friends.

Join us 2:00-3:30 p.m. Saturday, December 1st.

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