Frosty Life: Surviving the Poles

What animals live at the poles and how do they survive? Discover how polar bears swim in ice-cold water and other sub-zero animals live through extreme temperatures through hands-on experiments. Find out all about artic animals in this fun-filled adult/child workshop presented by the UM Exhibit Museum of Natrual History. Call any information desk to register your spot in a branch or drop in. Workshop for children ages 6-11 with an adult.

Pittsfield Branch, Wednesday, February 20, 4:30-5:30 PM
Malletts Creek Branch, Saturday, February 23, 10-11 AM
Northeast Branch, Saturday, February 23, 2-3 PM

Dance Bits - For KIDS

Do you DANCE? There are new dance books for kids to discover in 792.8. Dancing Wheels is the photo story of a dance troup that incorporates the movements of dancers who dance standing up and those who are in wheelchairs. For grade school kids we have new additions in classic ballet training such as Usborne Ballet Treasury; Usborne Starting Ballet; and Ballet School. So tutus or not, stretch your toes, and feel the music.

Just Imagine!

Throw in a bunny with a box, a mouse with a cat, and a cow with major attitude, and stir briskly. This is a recipe for a fun last gathering of this session at the Wednesday Downtown and Thursday Pittsfield storytimes.

Are you a camera freak?


If so, grab your digital camera and join us on Thursday, February 28 (1-4 pm) at the Downtown Library.

You’ll have time to snap photos and then use Photoshop Elements to make new and improved images. Bring your camera, bring your friends for a fun afternoon!

Registration required. Step up to any information desk or call 327-8367. Tell them you're a teen and you want to sign up for “Snap! Get Digital”.

Kid Lit - "The Classics"

People ask, "Where are the Classics" for children? Although there is no single list, there are web sites to help lead the way.
Rutger's University suggests "Read or reread some of the titles that have achieved classic status. As you read, consider whether these works are still of interest to and will appeal to today's young people." On the list they provide links wherever possible, to electronic text version of books that are out of print.

Madison Public Library suggests, "The following titles appear on lists of classic children's literature. Most have been issued in several different editions, offering a range of illustration styles from which to choose." The part I like is they also suggest "contemporary" and "future" classics for children and "further information".

Hugs and Homes

Will Bunny ever find his home? Will the beautiful cockroach, Senorita Martina, ever find a true love who will sing to her in the evenings? Celebrate Valentine's Day with songs and stories at the Wednesday Downtown and Thursday Pittsfield storytime this week.

New African-American Teen Lit & Author visit!

In anticipation of local Ann Arbor, teen author, Cassandra Carter's upcoming appearance at AADL (TUESDAY, MARCH 18 | 7:00-8:00 PM | MC ) be sure to read her latest book, Fast Life. When her single mother is offered a job in the Caribbean away from her Chicago neighborhood where drugs, gang violence, and fast money rule, sixteen-year-old Kyra finally realizes that there is more to life than Gucci, Prada and "ghetto-fabulous bling." Read the book to find out what happens to Kyra... If you're looking for some complicated romance than check out Stacie & Cole by Johnson, R.M.: Cole, who is feeling abandoned by his father and tired of being harassed by his friends for being a virgin, is ready to take his relationship with his girlfriend Stacie to the next level, but Stacie is not sure that she is ready.

Parent Bits - What's in Manga and Anime?

No Flying No Tights has something for everyone! The home page presents three options: “sidekicks for kids,” “the original no flying no tights for teens,” and “the lair for teens and adults.” The site helps walk the fine line between teen appeal and more adult content.” The site’s creator, Robin Brenner, is a library student and “comics and graphic novel enthusiast.”

Anime Cafe offers a "Parent's Guide" for finding anime that is suitable for children. Right-up-front you can choose by age groups. I hope this helps.

Baby Bits - Piggies!

PIGGIES get their stage in Baby PlayGroup this week. We'll do a gentle home-grown version of The Three Little Pigs. You can check out Piggies by Audrey Wood, the fingerplay story; or Piggy In The Puddle by Charlotte Pomerantz for a rhythmic romp in the mud. VERY oink!

Hungry for Storytime?

Rabbit and Dog get just what they want to eat, with a little persistence, in these delicious animal tales at the Wednesday Downtown and Thursday Pittsfield preschool storytimes the first week of February.

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