PreK Bits - Insects

“I” was in Ms. Rachel’s letter box, so Preschool Storytime was brought to you by the letter "i" and "insects". You can repeat one of the stories or explore related titles from the following:
Go To Sleep Gecko is an Indonesian folktale about ecology that begins with fireflies.
Tiny Little Fly and Old Black Fly ... they never catch the fly!
Sing "Ants Go Marching" and other songs with the 50 Silly Songs CD.
You can learn real information by browsing books from two very popular series:
Insect, which is a DK Eyewitness Book, and
Insects, which is a True Book.

Take a field trip to Traverwood Branch Library and view the glass case with Cecropia larvae munching on walnut leaves. This display is from the Leslie Nature Center.


look good!

My kids love the DK Eyewitness books, but I hadn't heard of the True Book series. I'll have to check those out. Thanks!

I love all organisms in the world!

When I was little, I really liked the Eyewitness books.

Don't forget the Magic School Bus! A cursory search turned up the following:

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs (DVD)
The Magic School Bus Gets Ants in Its Pants (Book)
Insect Invaders (Chapter book, but you adults re-living your childhood can feel less conspicuous with this one, perhaps)

It's never too early to get kids on board with Miss Frizzle!


Might take my bro!

I used to be in love with the eyewitness books! I think this is a really good book for kids.




i love DK Eyewitness books!

Little ones are so interested in bugs, these look like good reads.

Yay insects! The caterpillars at Traverwood are worth a trip out there. They are SO COOL! Such an interesting looking caterpillar, with all it's crazy spikes. It's had such a transformation.



Perfect for my kid



This looks like so much fun!