if you want to see a whale

if you want to see a whale is a beautiful picture book written by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by local artist & Caldecott Medal winner Erin Stead. In this book we learn that there are a few requirements if you want to see a whale. You’ll need a window, an ocean, time for waiting, a not-so-comfy chair, both eyes open, and a few other things. Oh, and your imagination! That’s the key to this story. Written in all lower-case, with full page illustrations, and barely any punctuation, it’s a charming book to read together.

Fogliano and Stead also teamed up for And Then It's Spring, which is another beauty.


Sounds super cute! I would love to read it!!

Early reader books

definitely sounds adorable

Erin's art is wonderful - I'll have to check it out just to see her latest.

I would love to read this book because it sounds cute and like a good story.

Looks very cute!