Time Warp TalesTime Warp Tales

If you have never treated the kids to a mini story festival at your local library, now is your chance. A colorful line-up of tales and tellers from the Ann Arbor Storyteller’s Guild will entertain this Sunday at 2:00 pm at the Pittsfield Branch Library for Tellebration. All kids ages 4 and up are invited!

What's New in Arthritis Treatment?

UM rheumatologist and geriatrician Raymond Yung, MD, will discuss the latest research and therapies for the pain and stiffness of arthritis on Monday, Nov. 9, 7-8:30 pm at Pittsfield Branch. It will be a good opportunity to get some new insight and ask questions about a chronic condition that may be affecting you or a family member. The program is in partnership with UM Geriatrics Center.

Halloween Fun!

Come to the Pittsfield Branch on Friday, October 30, 2009 at 4:00 p.m for some Halloween fun. We will make Halloween crafts that you'll be able to use as decorations for your own events on Saturday. Pumpkins, spider webs, or masks will be made in all degrees of scariness. Creating masterpieces is hard work. Cider and donuts will help keep the energy up.

This program is for preschoolers up to 5th grade. All supplies will be provided. Come for Halloween Masks and Other Scary Things and get ready for your wicked weekend!

Washtenaw Immunization Action Coalition

On Monday, Oct. 5, 7-8:30 pm at the Pittsfield Branch, you are invited to attend a panel discussion on immunizations for the upcoming flu season. Presenters include doctors Diana Torres-Burgos, Laura Bauman and Holly Ross. Also speaking will be Zachary Yaksich, father of 5 year old Alana, who died of flu complications in 2003. He started Alanas Flu Foundation in her memory. This will be a great opportunity to hear the facts and have your questions answered by frontline flu fighters, in partnership with the American Lung Association.

Dancing Babies coming to Pittsfield

Pack up the Daddies and bring all the Babies to Pittsfield Branch this Sunday for Dancing Babies with Dianne Dudley. This will be an active music program for families with children under 5 years old.
Put on your dancing shoes ... Sunday, September 27 @ Pittsfield Branch from 1:00 to 1:40 pm.

September Gaming Weekend at The Pittsfield Branch

Super Smash Brothers: Mario: Mario, from the Nintendo GameCube game Super Smash Brothers: Melee (among others).Super Smash Brothers: Mario: Mario, from the Nintendo GameCube game Super Smash Brothers: Melee (among others).

Back in School, with nothing to look forward to but June? Come to the Ann Arbor District Library's Pittsfield Branch for our September Gaming Weekend. This Month is Round Two of the Smash Kart Championship Series 2009. We also have Rock Revolution on Friday Night and PL2:Public Library Pokemon League on Sunday Afternoon. So spend your weekend at the Library (No, you can't spend the night.)

Rock Revolution Rock Band & DDR Tourney
Friday, September 11 6pm to 9pm

Smash Kart Round 2
Saturday, September 12 12pm-5pm

Pokemania PL2:Public Library Pokemon League
Sunday, September 13 1pm-5pm


Come learn about a new technique for your health and well-being

On Wednesday, September 9th at 7 pm at the Pittsfield Branch, we will host a program lead by local resident Michelle Obrecht about the Alexander Technique, a set of practices for improving health and well-being. I had never heard of the technique, so I asked Michelle to provide a description, and she wrote:

"The Alexander Technique is a 100-year old process of postural re-education designed to promote self-awareness and enhance well-being. Most of us are completely unaware of the many unconscious habits we have that result in spinal compression and restricted breathing. Alexander Technique provides a specific formula that helps us shed self-defeating postural habits and replace them with habits of elongation and expansion. Most people think of posture as something rigid and held; on the contrary, Alexander work teaches that good posture is simply an attunement with the balance that nature has
intrinsically provided us."

When I asked her what equipment she will need, she said "I'll just need a straight-backed chair."

It sounds interesting and like something we can do in our own homes. Come check it out!

Local Author Jacqui Robbins to Visit Library

Join us Thursday night, September 3, 2009 at the Pittsfield Branch when local author Jacqui Robbins visits to present her new book Two of a Kind. This picture book is a school story about finding your place in the crowd.
The story is perfect for every elementary school student about to start the new school year.

This title, as well as the author's first book, The New Girl . . . And Me will be on sale at the program, courtesy of Nicola's Books. Ms. Robbins will be signing books. Books signed by the author make great gifts for the upcoming holidays.

Dancing Babies!

If you are a member of the AADL storytime crowd then you know Betsy Beckerman and Sara Melton Keller. We have been bouncing to their wonderful songs for years, so why not get up and dance along? I can’t wait for circle dances, marches, and other baby moves at Dancing Babies on Wednesday, August 12 at 7:00 pm at the Pittsfield Branch!

Laughter Blast!

Last winter our friends Badria Jazairi and Phil Walker offered us such a good time with laughter yoga that we invited them back for more! Friday, August 7th at the Pittsfield Branch at 7:00 pm, 9 year olds and up are invited for creative play and movement! Adults and teens are very welcome!

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