Book a Room at AADL

Book a room online using your website account and your Library Card!

Once you've logged in to and added your Library Card in your Account Settings, simply browse the monthly listings for rooms to see the current bookings and availability.

Meeting Room A at Westgate Branch, showing a 5-seat table and wall-mounted flatscreen. Meeting Room B at Westgate Branch, showing an 8-seat table and wall-mounted flatscreen.

Westgate Meeting Room A seats 5 people, and Westgate Meeting Room B seats 8 people. Each room includes high-speed wifi, tabletop power, a wall-mounted screen, and an HDMI cable built into the table.

You can book each room for up to 2 hours per day up to 12 times per year (365-day period) with your library card.

Same-day Bookings can only be made in person at Westgate Branch for one hour.
Rooms are available first-come, first-served when not booked.

Please note: By requesting a reservation you agree to follow the Rules of Behavior and the Meeting Room Policy. The booked rooms at AADL are not available for religious services or social events. Groups using AADL rooms may not charge admission, raise money, offer items for sale or interfere with normal Library operations. Failure to follow those rules may result in revocation of your booking privileges.