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AADL Select Sites:Books & Reading

First Lines: “A sort of literacy test.”

Bibliophiles test your memory of hundreds of first lines, from children’s books to murder mysteries. From easier than easy: “We called him Old Yeller;” to a bit more challenging: “Once upon a time there was a Martian named Valentine Michael Smith;” (Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein), First Lines beats another tired game of Solitaire and serves as great fodder for the booklover’s eternal question: “what should I read next?”

Tired of the same old Google?

Vivisimo logo

AADL Select Sites:Internet Search Engines

Sure, we've all "Googled" when we needed to find something on the internet. But have you ever "Asked," or even "Vivisimoed"? Ask.com and Vivisimo are two of the handy search engine alternatives to Google found in AADL Select Sites. These web tools can help you really find what you're looking for. Coupled with one our helpful guides to internet searching, you'll be a web searcher to be reckoned with!

Women In Science

4000 Women In Science is a site compiled by two astronomers. It features short biographies on some 125 women researchers along with active links to notable 20th Century women in sciences.

from "Website Reviews by John Peters", March 2006 School Library Journal, pg 89

Women + Math = More History

Did you know?
The actress Danica McKellar (better known as Winnie from The Wonder Years television show), graduated with highest honors from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, and is the co-author of a mathematical research paper published in the Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General. Her accomplishments in mathematics have been profiled in the New York Times.

Wanna know some more about women in math? The website Biographies of Women Mathematicians features some 200 entries with information on women mathematicians who are not mentioned in standard histories of science. The articles are backed up with links to scholarly research.

from "Website Reviews by John Peters", March 2006 School Library Journal, pg 89

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture


AADL Select Sites:African Americans

Officially incorporated as a Research Library of the New York Public Library in 1972, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture offers several online collections with a focus on primary documents for those scholars of African American history. In Motion: The African American Migration Experience documents 400 years of migrations to, within, and out of the United States; providing extensive commentary as well as primary texts, photographs, maps, and other documents in a searchable, thematically arranged collection. Digital Schomburg contains several databases on the African American experience; such as African American Women Writers of the 19th Century which presents full copies of 52 published works.

Beyond the Mechanical: How Stuff Works

AADL Select Sites:Reference Tools

A fantastic site for the curious, How Stuff Works sheds light on inner workings of daily life, from the complex to the mundane. Wonder how your cell phone works, or how it got its name in the first place? Perhaps you’re curious about the new hybrid car sitting in your neighbor’s driveway.

The entries aren’t limited to the electronic, however. Satisfy your desire to learn how coffee and chocolate are produced, and find practical information about health insurance and not-so-practical overviews of facelifts and liposuction.

Finally, after your own desires for explanations have been quenched, check out the questions other people have asked. Should that leave you craving more, there’s always a trip to the library for the classic, The Way Things Work.

A Great Resource for Women's History Month

Jane Addams
Jane Addams, 1860-1935

In celebration of Women's History Month, Thompson Gale has launched a free website of information on the history of women--biographies, a historical timeline, a downloadable calendar, quizzes and activities to facilitate classroom discussion. Also included is Women's Rights on Trial, which includes information on 101 key trials of historical importance to American women since the settlement of the colonies.

Tax forms and more, at the Ann Arbor District Library

Tax forms

All outlets of the Ann Arbor District Library are once again distributing federal and State of Michigan tax forms. In addition to the basic forms and instruction booklets, each outlet also has notebooks of reproducible forms.

To supplement your tax form needs, the Library has a link on its website that gathers together dozens of useful links to help you through this annual adventure. Our tax information page has links to the IRS and the Michigan Department of the Treasury where you can find all the tax forms and publications on line. We have a list of places in Ann Arbor where low income residents and senior citizens can receive free tax help. You can also find links to tax forms from the other states and to the City of Detroit.

AADL's Guide to Travel Sites

AADL Select Sites:Travel

With the Spring Break season upon us, look no further than AADL’s Select Sites to plan your midwinter escape from Michigan.

At Frommer’s, you’ll find information on hundreds of destinations world wide, including quite a few off the beaten path. Expect pages of printable practical information, including hotels, restaurants, and activities, as well as the more mundane—when the post office is open, or how much to tip the cab driver. Should you desire more along these lines,

Two New Research Databases Now Available...


The Library is pleased to offer the following two new research databases:

NoveList offers reviews and annotations for 125,000 fiction titles, plus author Read-alikes, book discussions guides, and many other searching and browsing features for the avid reader.

CultureGrams provides information on the people, lifestyles, social customs and courtesies of 187 countries, plus such side items as maps, recipes, and biographies of famous people.

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