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Entrepreneur March 2009 Issue

Page 62 8 gadgets to green your office
Some of the environmentally friendly products include: soy toner cartridges, LED lights, motion sensor light switches and a box that will link your communications, web, security, and data storage for up to 300 employees.

Page 42 Thinking inside the box
Read about Spencer Brown, the man who recycled plastic trash to create the "Rent a Green Box" business with over 5 million in sales this year. So what else is in the trash?

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Bicycling The Buyers Guide April 2009 Issue
If you're not a hard core biker like this guy, your bike is hanging in your garage. It's that time of year to get your bike ready to go...or you could just buy a new bike. Yeah, that's the could buy a new bike and donate your old bike to the Recycle Reuse Center. Or sell your old bike and donate the cash to a program that gives bikes to children in financially struggling families like the Greater Grace Temple's Bicycle Christmas Giveaway Program in Detroit.
Page 112 - How to Buy a Bike
This bit gives you a conceptual understanding of the technology of a bike.
Page 114 - What You Get for Your Dollar
Road bikes can roll past 10,000 dollars. Read this feature to understand what your paying for.

And remember to participate in the Ann Arbor Commuter Challenge initiative in May.

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Black Belt Bird Talk

Black Belt Magazine April 2009
Page 38 - The Greek mathematician Archimedes has been associated with black belt technique...using the law of the lever. Apparently the key is fulcrum placement when attacking or resisting an attack...Oh Archimedes! If you'd only read this article before that Roman soldier attacked you.

Bird Talk Magazine April 2009
Page 9 - Learn how the endangered Micronesian Megapode has been protected by former President Bush's marine national monuments. An interesting fact about the Megapode, it uses heat from volcanoes to incubate its eggs.

Great Magazine Databases at

Great Magazine Databases at aadl.orgGreat Magazine Databases at

Another wonderful AADL service is an online selection of databases, which allows library cardholders speedy access to a variety of magazine articles on almost any topic. People ask how long the library keeps its magazines on the shelves, and where it stores the older ones? Each branch location keeps magazines for the last six months, while the Downtown Library holds the current year plus the two previous year’s issues. For online access, go to the Research tab at, click on magazine articles and have fun exploring!


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Buffett or Buttons?

SmartMoney - December 2008 Issue
Page 17 - Make Money Like Buffett - Find out how preferred shares are sometimes yielding more and why.
Some books about Warren Buffett in our collection:
Even Buffett isn't perfect... Buffettology... Warren Buffett and the interpretation of financial statements...

Threads - November 2008 Issue
Page 30 - For the Love of Buttons - The stock market is not your only source of wealth, look to your buttons. Use the tricks provided (using your teeth, hot needles and your sense of smell and hearing) to determine exactly what your buttons are made of (china, glass, shell, porcelain, metal, or ivory).
Some books about buttons in our collection:
The book of buttons Buttons : the collector's guide...


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Find events in Metro Detroit using our magazine collection.

Hour Detroit November 2008
Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade Information!
Page 64 - Read about David Danielson, the director of the Thanksgiving Parade Company and check out the giant Bob Seger head.

Visit Detroit Fall 2008
Page 40 - Look ahead at Metro Detroit events in 2009:
North American International Auto Show Jan 11 - 29
Plymouth International Ice Sculpture Spectacular Jan 23 - 25
Rocky Horror Picture Show Feb 27 - Mar 1
NCAA Men's Final Four April 4 and 6
Movement: Detroit's Electronic Music Festival Memorial Day Weekend
Detroit International Jazz Festival Aug 28 - 31


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Learn how to say it with our magazine collection...

Anime Insider
November Issue Page 87
Each issue provides an opportunity to learn a little Japanese. This month you'll learn Japanese words used when bargain-hunting. For example, HYAKUEN-YA (hee-yah-koo-en-yah) otherwise known as the 100 Yen Shop is the equivalent of the U.S. dollar store.

October/November Issue Page 70
Check out the "Plant Index & Pronounciation Guide". I learned that I've pronounced the name of a few plants incorrectly. Take your lungworts for example, I thought they were called "Pul-mon-AIR-ree-a" you know, becuase of the lung in lungwort... But, no no no! It's "Pul-mon-AH-ree-a". You say Ver-BAY-na, I say Ver-BEE-na...let's call the whole thing off.


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What I learned while browsing our magazine collection:

India Today September 22 Issue
Page 3 – Picture this, you’ve just finished a great dinner at a restaurant and rather than a bill you get to decide what you’ll pay. This “pay what you want” business plan is only possible due to the fact that the restaurant is staffed by volunteers who prepare and serve the rotating menu. Often times the volunteers are well-off folks looking to connect with and serve the community. Seva Café in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India provides a tasty avenue for public service. This is a good thing…right Martha?

Taiwan Panorama September 2008 Issue

What are you reading: Mary Morgan recommends 'Magnetic North' by Linda Gregerson

Mary Morgan: Mary Morgan and her restless housecat, Elle. Morgan recommends "Magnetic North," by Ann Arbor poet Linda Gregerson to AADL readers.Mary Morgan: Mary Morgan and her restless housecat, Elle. Morgan recommends "Magnetic North," by Ann Arbor poet Linda Gregerson to AADL readers.

Mary Morgan's transformation into an entrepreneur probably shouldn't surprise anyone, since she started her journalism career as a business reporter. In August, after 16 years as a newspaper journalist, Morgan gave up editorship of the opinion pages at the Ann Arbor News and became the publisher of an online newspaper. The Ann Arbor Chronicle was born Sept. 2, 2008. It features articles written by Morgan, by her husband Dave Askins (host of another well-known site, Teeter Talk), and by other local writers. The site is supported by local advertising.

We convinced Morgan to take a break from writing, editing and managing the business side of the site, just long enough to recommend a book for library patrons. Here it is.


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In our magazine collection...

SAVEUR September 2008 Issue

Page 46
"The Best Brownie Recipes in the World"
Three recipes, one from Katharine Hepburn. The recipes have only four ingredients in common: unsalted butter, sugar, vanilla extract, and salt. One recipe uses 1 cup of chocolate covered espresso beans.

Page 73
"Why We Love Watermelon"
Fall approaches and this article gives one last taste of summer...
- A brief history of watermelon,
- A list of things that go well with watermelon,
- Cool recipes for watermelon salad and pickled watermelon,
- Beautiful pictures of the many varieties of watermelon,
- Watermelon art.

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