“Oh, Listen, Sweetie. They’re Playing Our Song.”

In a committed relationship, a couple inevitably chooses a slow-dancy, romantic tune as “their song.” Choosing the number is tricky. Sometimes it chooses you; at a relationship milestone (first kiss, dance, visit to Red Lobster) you hear faintly a beautiful ballad and boom! Song chosen. Of course, if you and your sweetheart meet at, say, a Beastie Boys concert, and “Sabotage” doesn’t send your hearts aflutter, you might have to choose a song. You could go with the easies, “Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel, Elton John’sYour Song,” etc., great songs you’re guaranteed to hear a lot, prompting an alarming rate of swooning. Of course, thousands of other couples will be swooning around you. Now, if as a loving couple, a popular love song is your song, that's great, so don’t go changing. But for you still looking for a song to be your song and don’t want to write one—and, come on, why would you?—then I have a list of rarer love songs. And don’t be afraid to pick one you like thinking lots of people will snatch them up, because no one reads my blogs.

If Not For You” by Bob Dylan (or George Harrison's, if you’re feeling saucy)
“Love Is Gonna Let Me Down” by Toots and the Maytals (it's slightly unfair of me to recommend this, because I suspect it might not appear on CD anywhere.)
Shades of Gray” by The Monkees (hardly a love song, but as far as ballads go, this is tops.)
With You” by Stephen Schwartz from Pippin
God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys (a little more common lately… thank you very much Love, Actually.)
“Humdrum” by Peter Gabriel
I Need You To Turn To” by Elton John
Hot Burrito #1” by The Flying Burrito Brothers
I Will” by The Beatles (I realize no Beatles song is rare, but is Paul’s sweetest love song with the Fab Four.)
I Love You” by The Rutles
Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers
Closer To You” by The Wallflowers (seems oddly out of place on this list, eh?)
Sabotage” by The Beastie Boys… What? It’s a good song.


Au contraire my friend! Someone reads your blogs. I meant to comment on the image you used for "London Phil" in another blog. HA! Very clever.

My husband and I don't have a 'song' but I am reminded of a song that lead to our first argument in college. He played Def Leppard at my party and I took the vinyl off mid-song. He didn't like that so well. But Def Leppard didn't go with Parliament and we couldn't dance to it so it had to go.

Does anyone dance at parties anymore, I wonder?

You won the prize! You clicked the link to London Phil.

And I have danced at every party I've been to.

And I've never been to a party.

When I was a blushing bride (ha! These cheeks don't blush!) I walked down the aisle to "First day of my life" by Brighteyes and rocked like a hurricane to Mark Lind and even some Social Distortion throughout the ceremony. However, had we thought of it, "Hot Burrito #1" would've definitely been involved.

What about Love Minus Zero by his holiness, Bob Dylan?

...also, John, your blog made me blush.

Was it the lobsters that did it?

The Beach Boys can also thank HBO's Big Love for making "God Only Knows" a popular choice of late, however one wonders if the polygamy angle will change some people's association with the song... On to other Beach Boys Songs my parents song is Wouldn't it Be Nice which makes me melt everytime I hear it! My dad's birthday was last week and my mom mistakenly bought him (what turned out to be) their 3rd copy of Pet Sounds thinking he didn't already own it on CD (he owns it on vinyl of course!)...