LISTEN!! Digital Music News #5

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Sweet Teen Killing Machine: Don't go down into the cellar
Self-described as "horror-rock," Portland, Oregon-based, Sweet Teen Killing Machine creates hard-hitting, heavy rock soundtracks for fictitious horror movies. From the supernatural album openers, "Curse of the Bloodwolf" and "City of the Shrieking Dead”, to the more human terror of "Virgin White" and "New Meat," Sweet Teen Killing Machine can be described as the sound of a beast that always seems to be chasing you.

Vito Paternoster: Cellist extraordinaire
Vito Paternoster picked five of the most beautiful Italian Baroque sonatas for cello on his new album Sinfonie and Sonate del settecento italiano per Violoncello e Basso Continuo. Works by Benedetto Marcello, FP Scipriani (in world premiere recording), Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Francesco Geminiani and F Martino are performed with virtuosity and lyricism, bringing us back to the sounds, voices and colors of Venice, Naples and Florence long ago.

Amelia Cuni and Werner Durand: Experimental winds meet Indian classical
Waves of Beauty – Nada Yoga Vol. 2 is a single 56 minute long track. Amelia Cuni's crystal clear voice is set in a soundscape generated by acoustic sources, using no synthetic sounds. Her singing draws from the rich heritage of Dhrupad, the oldest form of North Indian music. She uses ragas and Indian vocal techniques that are powerful and soothing, moving and hypnotic. This uplifting album is designed to calm the listener's mind, supporting balance and well being. It may be used for relaxation, massages, yoga sessions, or that bubble bath you've been daydreaming about.

Industrial Sound Bank: The sounds that shake the masses
The Disk Platter Spins is a musical journey; a gapless, seamless blending of dance, trance and noise. There's a strong "dance-ability" factor, but even for those who choose to just listen, Industrial Sound Bank (a.k.a. In.So.Ba.) provides great material.

Predestined: Alternative rock music out of New York City
Predestined formed in 2005 as a project of songwriter/guitarist Mike Parenti. Their self-titled album, influenced by many classic and modern rock artists, from The Beatles and The Who, to Staind and Lifehouse, explores unconditional love, Christian faith and spiritual growth.

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