P.S. Don’t Laugh Too Hard

P.S. I Hate It Here!: Kids’ Letters From Camp, selected and edited by Diane Falanga, is a collection of letters that kids sent to their parents. The author got the idea after receiving a letter from camp from her daughter. After sharing it with fellow parents, Falanga found that they, too, had letters to share. If you like reading letters such as those in Found Magazine, or you think kids say the darndest things, these letters will make you laugh.

The kids write about flying ants, slow dancing with girls, and trees falling on cabins. Some inform their parents of ailments such as lice, rashes, exposed bone, and chlorine-induced migraines. One boy begs his parent to let him get a mohawk, while many send desperate requests for food (not junk food, but Doritos).

As the title suggests, some of the kids hate camp and want to go home. One cries “histarkally,” another feels like they’ve been shot in the head, and one writes that they have “thrown up because of worryness.” Not all of these honest and heartfelt letters are woeful though, as there are a few kids who beg to be signed up for next year.

When reading these letters you truly feel for the kids, but you can't help but laugh and be reminded of your own 5th grade camp experience.