8th Annual Teen Graffiti Art Contest

graffiti 07 hot sun

Celebrate Art Fair and paint a masterpiece at the Downtown Library staff parking lot from 11 AM to 1 PM on Friday, July 23. We'll provide the paint, supplies, canvases and easels. Your canvases are 3 feet X 3 feet in size. Check out the art work from previous years. Three winners will receive gift certificates for art supplies from Michigan Book and Supply. Look here for techniques for creating your painting. Curtis Sullivan, the owner of Ann Arbor's Vault of Midnight will be judging this year. This contest is for grades 6-12.


Are you allowed to bring a picture as a reference or a stencil you made to the contest and use it?

You can bring a picture and refer to it as you do your painting, but we don't allow intricate stencils to be brought in to use. Painters will sometimes put down papers to help accentuate certain lines and even use tape (we provide this) to keep paint away from certain spaces, and even make a quick easy stencil on site, just not bring in special tips or stencils. Everything should be done on site. Good question, if you have any others please ask.