Introduction to Music Tools: Drum Machines

Saturday August 19, 2017: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm -- Downtown Library: Secret Lab

This event is intended for grade 6 - adult

Interested in having a better understanding of AADL's Music Tools collection? Then this program is for you! AADL Staff will give a demonstration of the different drum machines that populate our collection and help you to get the most out of each instrument.

Geared for beginners but open to all skill levels, we will have demonstration and instruction followed by open jamming with some of our Music Tools.

Music Tools you'll meet include the Pocket Operator set, Volca Beats,TR-8 , and OP-1.



It could be interesting to learn how to use a drum machine.

Looking forward to this!

I'm excited to learn about all the different machines in the tools collection. I don't know how all of them work, or what they do, so it will be nice to learn!


I have always been curious about these kinds of programs! This is a fantastic opportunity to try it out and play with it and learn something new.

Learn about tools and jam

Learn about tools and jam too!

I've never done any drumming

I've never done any drumming before. Learning how to use some music tools sounds like a blast!!

Feel free to add me as a friend, please -- my code is SWEET646

If my niece and nephew were still little...

This would be a fun thing to send them home with!!

AADL has fabulous music

AADL has fabulous music resources.

Love the music tools

Love the music tools

How cool!

What an awesome event! Thanks AADL for offering this! Seriously? How many libraries offer such awesome services?!

This sounds great! There's

This sounds great! There's always more to discover at the library.


I'm pretty excited for this, as I've always wondered what drum machines actually do and what the differences are between them. Now, instead of having to check them out from the collection one by one, here's an opportunity to directly compare. I'll be there for sure, and am really looking forward to it.

sounds like some fun instruments to learn

Never heard of a drum machine. I have ooodles to learn.

Sounds great

Will do my best to be there tomorrow

would love to try some

would love to try some drumming


this sounds cool to play with