Get out your hammocks

It may be a bit rainy this week, but last week's weather reminded me that summer is near at hand, and accordingly I started thinking about what books I want to read out in the backyard under the warm sunshine. As a kid, I loved to read books about magic during summer vacation. One of my favorite authors was Edward Eager, whose Magic series can still make me feel like magic may just be waiting for me around the next corner I turn. I was also a fan of Susan Cooper, whose book, The Dark is Rising, inspired the movie The Seeker. Cooper's books are full of British folklore as well as magic of her own imagining. I read Joan Aiken's The Wolves Of Willoughby Chase over and over in elementary school and I just recently discovered that it is the first in a wonderful series of books set in alternative history, in which wolves rule England's wilderness and the King of England is constantly threatened by revolutionary plots.


Nice blog, brings back summer vacation memories for me, too :) One summer in elementary school, I think I read Lynne Reid Banks' The Fairy Rebel about 10 times!

Though nothing to do with magic (unless you count the magic of youth, adventure, and general troublemaking), The Days are Just Packed is classic Calvin and Hobbes summer lounging material.

My friend owns that book and she loved it.