AADL's Summer Game Geocache

The Ann Arbor District Library is pleased to announce its Summer Game Geocache! Use a GPS-enabled devise to visit coordinates at four library locations and collect clues to calculate the final location of the geocache. A game code and a small treasure are yours if you find it. You can sign up for a free account at www.geocaching.com and learn more with their Geocaching 101 guide.

If you’re new to geocaching, we’ll also be hosting an Introduction to Geocaching event on July 13th where you can learn more about this popular activity. You can check out the geocaching resources in our collection, and kids may also be interested to learn more about geocaching through The Boxcar Children mystery, The Box That Watch Found.

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Yes! I am insanely excited about this!

Woah. Seems fun. :O

Sounds interesting... MUST DO!!!!!!

Sounds great. Maybe next time, set up a Letterbox for those who don't have a GPS - it's a great treasure hunt similar to a geocache only without the tech (and usually no trinket, but the library could take liberties there). Check out letterboxing.org to learn more

whether it's geocatche or letterbox, traveling is still required.

This sounds like a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to trying it out. :)

This isn't just for kids right?

So you need a GPS?

I think that supplies are provided. My cousin does this and it seems like a lot of fun.

@pk Thanks for the suggestion! We always enjoy hearing what our patrons would like us to try next.

@DBJC, it's an activity for all ages.

@Zhengyang Geocaching is traditionally done with a GPS or GPS-enabled device. For example, many cell phones now have GPS capabilities.

WILL there be supplies/GPS available?

@Bookbird The library will not be supplying GPS devices, but if you would like us to consider adding them to our collection, you can let us know through our "Contact Us" form.

Wait, this isn't a one time event, right? This is going on right now.

I think so.

Yey! Geocaching is awesome~!

@Morgsush This is an on-going event. You can visit the cache any time in the next three month.

This event has already started?

@Zhengyang1022, the geocache with library code is available to be found now. There is also a geochaching event on July 13, according to the original post, so your confusion is understandable.

If everyone who finds it is actually writing in the logbook as instructed, then I was the third person to find the library geocache.

Oh. That clears up some confusion. So is there going to be codes in the areas, like the secret garden?

About how far is the farthest geocatche from the library?

@ Zhengyang1022 You will find clues in areas like the secret garden that will help you to calculate the coordinates of the cache. The code will be found in the cache.

If you read through the full geocache long description, you will likely be able to figure out where to look even if you don't want to go through the full process. I needed to decrypt the final hint before I found the exact location, mostly because I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but with that hint is was pretty easy to figure out. I will say that if you follow the full procedure as laid out on the geocaching.com page, as I did, you will visit multiple library locations without doubling back.

@Bookbird All of the sites you will need to visit are on library property, but you will need to visit multiple library locations.

That's fine. As long as the sites are within eyesight of the libraries then my parents won't have such a big problem with that.

Ooo, can't wait !!

This looks like fun, but I'm confused. How do you start? I get the idea of signing up for an account, but how do you know which cache to look for the library? I'll admit, it may just be that it is late and I am tired.

So cool

This looks really fun, how long will it last?

Till near the end of summer game.

@SBrandt You can just click on "Summer Game Geocache" in the body of the original post, which has a link directly to the library's geocache.

@Commander Taffy We'll have the geocache in place for three months, so until the end of September. It'll run a bit longer than the Summer Game.

Do you need to buy the Geocaching app. or can you use cellphone GPS?

@mengland A cellphone GPS will work perfectly fine.

I used the free/open application c:geo on my android phone, though I couldn't figure out how to enter in the coordinates for the last stop directly. I ended up plugging the final coordinates into google maps (yes, you can use longitude and latitude in google maps directly) to confirm the last location that I was pretty sure of already.

A suggestion for this and other geocache quests: make sure there is some way for players to confirm they have the right sign. The description of the one for the plan of green gables stop had plenty of confirmation, but I spent a while hanging around the twood location trying to confirm I had the sign referred to in the directions. Standing right next to the sign I figured the clue must be referring to, the closest I got per my GPS was 5 meters away. GPS is not all that precise, so some confirmation of the correct sign would have helped me not lurk in the lane for as long.

I don't know if someone commented about this already, but what if you don't have a GPS?

@gxl If you don't have a GPS or a cell phone with GPS capabilities, take a look at this forum, which describes some things you can try.

the forum basically says that it's possible to find a catche with out a GPS. A GPS basically gives you ground zero. Since everything is on library property it shouldn't be impossible to do (without a GPS).

So you can ask a librarian to help you with the GPS thing?

@Zhengyang1022 If you need help learning to use a GPS to geocache, then please come to our Introduction to Geocaching event on July 13th.

Okay. I will try my best to come. :)

Yay it's at Mallets Creek! I will also try to come. Will there be GPS provided?

@Bookbird We are still working out the details of the program and will let you know soon.


I figured out where the cache is just now by gleaning some info from the geocaching.com site associated with the cache. I don't know the exact coordinates, but I know where to look. Good luck!
WARNING: finding the cache without a gps will probably require some knowledge of the branch in question

Oh. That makes sense. I can usually find an area in a library with some accuracy. :)

because you can visit more often. *currently trying to think of an excuse to borrow parent's GPS*

My phone doesn't have a GPS and my parents phone's won't either, so I will take the car's GPS.

Yes, that is probably what I am going to do.

My dad's car GPS is really bad, it freezes all the time. And I think my mom needs hers...

That makes things more difficult.

So excited!

Now I really hope that my mom will let me use her GPS.

I don't have a car GPS...

What a new fun game!

Can't you download an app on a apple device that will be a GPS?

This is so cool! Just like a scavenger hunt... :D

I really love geocaching! I've done it like hundreds of times at the Earth Day or something fair and at summer camps! It's soooo much fun! I can't wait to do it!!

@Zhengyang1022, the device itself must have GPS capability, which I think iPhones do and iPods do not but I am not 100% sure about that. If it has the capability, you can use any of a variety of apps. Check your device specs to see if you have GPS.

Maybe the library has some GPS we can check out?

@Bookbird We do not currently have GPSs that we can lend to patrons. However, if this is something you would like us to add to our collection, you can let us know through our "Contact Us" form.

I just did as you suggested, skcramer. :-)

same here. now we wait for the GPS to be available.

I geocache exclusively with my iPhone and do pretty well that way. I spent a couple hours doing the library cache last weekend. The second part (the street sign part) did give us trouble, even using Google maps. If the library's cache is your first attempt, don't get frustrated! This one is pretty complicated, but lots of fun to play with. Most caches are just one step. I'm going to help out with the event and will be able to show how to use your iPhone to find hundreds of caches right in this area! :)

Can you enter the location in google maps and use that?

@Bookbird You can enter the coordinates into Google Maps to get a general sense of where the locations will be, though it may require some searching once you get there to find the exact location.

Is there going to be like a code in the area?

The street sign one actually didn't give me that much trouble, except for my own brain not recognizing the number on it. Hehe. I haven't made it out to the final spot, but have the rest of the stuff. Will have to do that after I get back from the holiday weekend. :)

@Zhengyang1022 There is a code hidden in the cache, but there are not codes hidden at any of the locations where you collect clues.

Oh. Like the Glass gazing from streets quest?

I've never done geocaching before.
So you just enter the coordinates in, and find the place? Then what's the code?

@Morgsush For the library's geocache, you travel to the coordinates where you can collect clues that will help you to calculate the coordinates of the final cache (a container filled with small treasures). Since we released the geocache as part of the Summer Game, we have also hidden a Summer Game code inside the cache.

@Zhengyang1022 It won't be quite like glass gazing because there are not codes at any of the locations where you will be collecting clues. Instead, you will need to find numbers on signs (like a date on a plaque) or count things in order to find the clue.

so the number isn't conveniently displayed...

@Bookbird The numbers you will be looking for are part of the signs themselves. They should be conveniently displayed. Just keep in mind that you're looking for a number that is already part of the sign as opposed to a number that was added by the library.


I just figured out I will not be able to come to the geocaching 101 event on the 13th; I'll be out of town for a board game convention (Michicon at Oakland University). Darn. I'll be interested to hear about it after the event, though!

Library geocache? YES! Sounds difficult to find though. Hmmm... Still, MUST FIND! t(-.-t)

this is awesome

I really want to do this... Sounds like so much fun.
Smiles, wanna do it together? :)

I also really want to do this, but it's July and there's no sight of any willingness in my parents yet....

I, too, will be interested in hearing about it afterwards! I have a baby shower for a friend that afternoon so won't be able to come to the event. I get the concept and have managed to find all the clues - haven't made it out to the final location to find the cache itself yet, but that's on the agenda for later in the week. Trying to use some of the apps on my phone have frustrated me a bit tho' - might just stick to good old pencil/paper and the basic gps tool on my phone. :P

I hope a lot of people are able to go to the program though. :)


what even is that?

@Rose Twinkle If you're curious about what geocaching is, here's a link to site that explains it: http://www.geocaching.com/guide/.

this is really fun!

how fun

I just visited the downtown library yesterday and forgot about the geocatching... What a wasted opportunity..