Da Vinci's Demons--The Intersecting Lives of Da Vinci, Machiavelli, and Borgia

If you are a fan of the Starz original series Da Vinci's Demons you might be interested in Paul Strahorn's book The Artist, the Philosopher, and the Warrior.

It tells the compelling tale of the events of 1502 when Italy, torn apart by warring factions, was on the brink of political convulsion. Cesare Borgia and his army threatened to take the city of Florence and Machiavelli thought of a way to stop him. He seems to have offered up Da Vinci to become Borgia's military engineer--something that Borgia wanted dearly and Da Vinci had already declined.

It is a story about genius and events that changed world history. These three men, each epitomizing a distinct aspect of humanity, spent time together in 1502 and Strathern masterfully describes the events.


The show is so fascinating especially when watched alongside Showtime's Borgias. For an excellent read about them try, Borgias and Their Enemies: 1431-1519 by the acclaimed historian Christopher Hibbert.

Glad that The Borgia's is available here on DVD. Thank you for the suggestion about the Hibbert book, it sounds excellent.

I've got to check these out!