Inside|Out's Rogue Paintings Around Town

I was walking down Liberty St. yesterday, and as I passed the alley next to Kilwin’s Chocolate Shoppe, I stopped dead in my tracks. There was a painting on the alley wall. I took a closer look and read that it was ‘Judith and Her Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes,’ by Artemisia Gentileschi. It was put there by the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The DIA placed this painting and six others in places around Ann Arbor as part of their Inside|Out program. Now in its fourth year, the Inside|Out program brings reproductions of masterpieces in DIA’s collection to more than a dozen cities in the metro Detroit area. You can find maps of all these impromptu outdoor galleries at the Inside|Out program’s web page.

If seeing these paintings inspires you to learn more about art and artists, take a look at AADL’s art print collection. You can take home a fully framed painting and make your own home a gallery. Also, check out AADL’s collection of huge, beautiful art books. You can take home the entire collected works of your favorite artist!


The other really great thing about the Inside|Out Program is the Community Weekends, where those who live in the host communities have a specific weekend in which they can get into the DIA for free, up to 4 people per valid ID. Ann Arbor's appears to be this coming weekend, the 20th and 21st.

The Inside|Out website does not state whether you must live in the city limits or not or if anyone with "Ann Arbor" on their driver's license/state I.D. can get in for free, so if someone's concerned, they may wish to contact the DIA before going down there this weekend. Otherwise, you really can't beat free admission. What a wonderful way to introduce family and friends to the DIA or just enjoy this wonderful, cultural resource for yourself!

That is great! Today and tomorrow are definitely "indoor" art viewing days.

Yes - I have been loving seeing them around!

I love Artwork