Art Prints

Do you get tired of the same pictures on the wall month after month? Are you a student who doesn't want to spend a lot on decor? Then AADL Art Prints are for you.

For over 20 years, AADL has been collecting reproductions, local posters, and original works of art for you to borrow and display in your home. AADL Art Prints are professionally framed and come with a carrying case to help you get them home from the library. AADL Art Prints are also a great way to study great works of art in your home, from Renaissance paintings to modern prints from all around the world.

All art prints can be checked out for eight weeks at a time and you can borrow up to three at once. If you see a print you would like to have listed in the catalog that is checked out, you can request it just like you can with books or DVDs.

Browse the prints in the catalog or visit the second and third floors of the Downtown Library, where most of the art on the walls is a part of the collection; just ask a staff member to help you pull one down and take it home today.