Bomb by Steve Sheinkin

Los Alamos, New Mexico, 1942. United States scientists and engineers gather in secrecy to design and produce the first atomic bomb. Their mission is called the Manhattan Project. They're part of a three way race against Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and there are Soviet spies within the Project. Can lead researcher, Robert Oppenheimer, be trusted?

New York City, New York, 1942. Harry Gold delivers top-secret atomic bomb plans to Soviet agents working inside the United States. His source is Klaus Fuchs, Soviet spy, and member of the Manhattan Project. Will Gold get away with espionage?

Vemork, Norway, 1943. Allied forces discover a Nazi 'heavy water' plant in Norway that Hitler is using to create his own atomic bomb. Can Norwegian commandos infiltrate and sabotage this key target before the Nazi's have enough fuel to build the bomb?

Sheinkin weaves together these three stories seamlessly in his well-researched and gripping narrative. Bomb: The Race to Build and Steal the World's Most Dangerous Weapon is the winner of the 2013 Excellence in Nonfiction Award, the Sibert Medal, and the Newbery Honor.

Highly recommended for grades 5 - 8.


There is also a literature unit based on this book for teachers. It is geared toward high school English or social studies classes and is based on Common Core standards. It can be found at Curriculum Aids or on Amazon.