Comics Are Great! 55 – Who Needs Flying Cars?

Digital comics in libraries. Comics textbooks in schools. Has the utopian future finally arrived?I’m joined this week by Eli Neiburger of the Ann Arbor District Library and Josh Elder of Reading With Pictures for a talk on the future of digital delivery and licensing in regards to comics. Josh’s new venture, the iVerse Media Comics+ Library Editions promises some new ways to think about how digital comics can find their audiences. Given that libraries account for nearly 40% of youth graphic novel sales, we talk about the leverage that they currently have and how comics makers might think of libraries as distribution points for their work. We close with some more thoughts on how the Internet “exposes the posers” and brings us up against the real challenge, to just make something awesome. But what does that even mean? It’s a fun talk about futurism with two intensely smart people.

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