Kids Read Comics: Special Story Time with Voice Actor Neil Kaplan

Saturday July 8, 2012: 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm -- Downtown Library: Youth Story Corner

It's Day 2 of Kids Read Comics 2012!

Voice actor Neil Kaplan presents an amazing reading of a Winnie the Pooh favorite. Carry the fun and knowledge throughout Kids Read Comics weekend!

This event is for All Ages


Great event

That's so cool! Now I can meet who voices Optimus Prime! :)

I really want to come to this event and like Morsush, I really want to meet the person who voices Optimus Prime!

I really don't watch Transformers that much, but this event seems cool. AADL should make one of the Giant badges on Transformers. (just an idea)

My son Loves Transformers. He'll definitely want to meet the Neil Kaplan.


I went.

I don't believe how many badges there are for KRC!!!

I don't believe I missed this event! :(

I know how u feel I missed it too:(

Lucky! Was it fun?

Wow this event sounds really cool!

I saw this event, and it was really cool to hear him read Pooh. Ironic and charming it was.