Kids Read Comics at AADL July 7-8: A Brief Look at Saturday

Can’t make it to the San Diego Comic Con this summer? No worries.

Join the fun in downtown Ann Arbor at the Ann Arbor District Library the weekend of July 7-8 for the 2012 KIDS READ COMICS convention, a comics convention - offered at NO admission charge - for comics creators and fans of all ages. This convention is for all “kids” whether 5 or 45!

Saturday, July 7 will be jam packed with fun stuff like voice actor Neil Kaplan reading Winnie the Pooh in multiple voices, puppetbending with Kevin Coppa, turning your life into a comic with Eisner Award winner Raina Telgemeir, creating an Ellie McDoodle/Wimpy kid book, making a mini-comic with Matt Feazell, video game creation via playing Underwater Tomato Ninja, live recording of Comics are Great! podcast, and so much more.

Check the schedule to see how you can visit/shop with 60 cartoonists in Artists Alley, attend the many workshops, and take in Quick Draw sessions.

AADL Summer Game Players – you’ll be able to pick up MULTIPLE Game Codes throughout the two days of this convention!


Do the 2 days have different events? Or are they all the same?

There will be new sessions on Sunday as well as repeat of some workshops from Saturday because so much is packed into Saturday that participants will have to choose one program at the exclusion of another. Check the Kids Read Comics Programming page for further details. Hope to see you there!

AADL Summer Game Players - The game codes offered on Sunday will be different from Saturday.

I'm excited for the Adventure Time cover artist. Will he be willing to sign autographs as well?

Sounds cool

I am somewhat tempted to cosplay to this. (I probably won't be able to go, though ;_; )

I really hope I can come both times.

@ Rin,
I love cosplay, and it would be cool to see people in costume. It is a convention after all.

Spidon, you're referring to Adventure Time cover artist Chris Houghton, correct? I'm sure he would be glad to sign autographs.

I don't believe there is going to be two different codes!

This event looks like a lot of fun.

Are there volunteer opportunities?

Cool. I have a friend in another state who is a big Adventure Time fan. I'm hoping Mr. Houghton will sign a copy of the comic book for him.

Need older comics from yester years.

Puppetbending? Optimus Prime reading Winnie the Pooh? Are you kidding me? I am SO coming.

Puppetbending? Optimus Prime reading Winnie the Pooh? Are you kidding me? I am SO coming.

Is this going to be just in the downtown library, or in downtown Ann Arbor?

They are signing autographs?! That is soo cool!!! Now I really want to come.

You can check into volunteer opportunities for Kids Read Comics (KRC) by checking here on the KRC web page. There's a volunteer form you'll need to complete.

The main portion of Kids Read Comics will be at the Downtown Library however on Saturday there will be "Quick Draws" and three workshops close by at 826Michigan. Those workshops are 1:30-2:30 p.m. Turn Your Life into a Comic with Raina Telgemeier (Smile); 3:30-4:30 p.m. Make an Ellie McDoodle/Wimpy Kid Book with Ruth McNally Barshaw; 5:30-6:30 p.m. Writing Panel with awesome comics writers-Jimi Ottaviani, Dan Mishkin, Rob Worley, and Paul Storrie. The Quick Draw (improv cartooning) will be at 11:15-11:45 a.m., 1-1:30 p.m., and 3-3:30 p.m.

Good, most of it is in Downtown library. :)

Thanks for the info!

I am so sad that my family and I are on vacation out of state this week and will miss this event. Will some of the sessions be recorded and later made available? Obviously that won't work for some kinds of topics.

Awesome! I like your definition of "kids."

A few sessions will be videotaped (e.g. Neil Kaplan's story time). These will be made available on the web site after. Keep an eye on the page for updates.

Thanks, K. C. I will keep an eye out for that!

cool event

Yes! Now even if I miss some things (due to piano lessons) I can watch them on tape.

Thanks K.C! I'll probably be able to make it to the ones at the Downtown library, though.

I wish I could go. I suppose I might check out the videos afterwards.

I have to admit I'm not big into comics, but I might have to go just for summer game codes.

I don't believe it's from July 7-8! That's when I go to Traverse City. :(

Me too

Cool looks like fun

Me too i'm super excited! And i hope there will be autograph signing.

I just went and got a LOT of codes. :)

How many exactly is a LOT?

Had fun at AADL today. Made a great Lego comic with my daughter!


I dropped my son off to be a photographer for the event and I asked him to get me the Summer Game Code for the event. He texted me that there were 60+ codes so I went down to get them. I had a blast talking with the artists and checking out their comics. It was such fun I will be going back tomorrow to talk to more of them. I also got many codes. Thank you summer game for enticing me to attend this event.

I think so. He signed a poster for my son. He was really nice, and we enjoyed talking with him.

I am not all that into comics, but I took my 9 yr old son hoping to spark his interest. He LOVED talking to the artists, looking at the comics, and collecting game codes. And we had a great time spending the day together. Thank you AADL for providing this fun activity!

KRC seems like a lot of fun.

Really cool

If I didn't go yesterday can I go today anyway

I wish I could of went to this.

You went to this event.

I know that the library owns some of the books from these artists (we've borrowed a few of them and I have more on request) - it would be really great if library staff could make a public list of all of them! The "Creators at Kids Read Comics 2012" list or something.

Vordak the Incomprehensible was a really great guy to talk to, very personable for a super villian. :^) My 9 yo came home from the first day, made a mini-comic, then proudly shared it with artists in the alley on Day 2.

A The "Creators at Kids Read Comics 2012" list would be really cool. :)

This was fun

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