Phoenix -- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

The first time I threw on the much-buzzed new Phoenix album with the bombastic title, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, I lost control of both legs. They started dancing and wouldn't stop. I looked ridiculous. After only making it through "1901," the second track on the album, I had to turn it off to avoid further embarrassment. The next day, I was ready. Blinds closed, stereo cranked, I made it through the whole thing. The French indie rock band has been making records for the last 10 years, with each a step forward in both complexity and songcraft, though this year's dance-pop, hook ready release marks the first time they've put together a complete set of tunes that exemplify the group's wit, confidence, and exuberance. Jump on the hold list for this record, and get ready to put Phoenix on heavy rotation.


Okay, you sold me, as I have twitchy legs and enjoy a good dance session.

And I totally dig the Lost in Translation soundtrack, which they are on.

I listened to this once, liked it okay, but felt that the critics heaped too much praise on it (which of course isn't their fault).

But as a pretty big fan of ridiculous dancing and Sofia Coppola's impeccable taste, I will give it another shot. Thanks!