Yes we can!

I have decided that my summer project will be canning and drying: preserving as much food from the farmers' market and garden so that I might eat local throughout the year. Books like The Omnivore's Dilemma and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle have inspired me to try to reduce the amount of food that I eat that comes from far away.

I figured that I could allay my fear of food poisoning by finding the right books and just diving in. A farmer friend recommended Putting Food By: a classic which I am glad to say was also suggested in Preserving Time in a Bottle (or a Jar), a recent New York Times article. The Times talked to Eugenia Bone about her new book: Well-Preserved (there are many holds on it which proves how many AADL patrons read the Times).

While scanning the shelf for Putting Food By, I came upon The Joy of Pickling and Keeping the Harvest which I think will also give me some good ideas. I'll blog again at the end of the summer about what I've discovered. In the meantime, see you at the market!


That was my goal last summer--and it worked out! I took a class on canning at WCC and ended up canning strawberry jam, blueberry jam, salsa verde, tomatoes, tomato sauce, apple sauce and a batch of mixed veggies. I also froze quite a bit--lots of berries, peppers, rhubarb, chopped onions, celery and pureed pumpkin. My only total disaster was a few jars of jam...make sure you fill it to the top of the jar or else you might get mold, as I did. Also, be sure to label bags if you decide to freeze. I ignored this advice and had a few "what the heck is this?!?!" moments with bags of frozen things.

Good luck :)

PS: I picked up a flyer at the Produce Station the other day, and they are having some preserving classes, too!