Raspberry Picking


On the lookout for something fun for the entire family, gets everyone to enjoy the great outdoors and is easy on the pocket book?

Then raspberry picking at Makielski’s Berry Farm should be your destination. Located on 90 acres of woods, ponds and berry patches just 8 miles from downtown Ann Arbor, this beautiful place is a wonderful gem you’ll want to return to year after year.

Pack a picnic, get the kids and the dog (yes, well mannered doggies are welcome) in the car and motor over to a wonderful day in the country and pay only $3 a quart for raspberries.

Then come home with your crimson treasure and start baking! Look at The Berry Bible, Luscious Berry Desserts, Good Housekeeping Best-Loved Desserts, Heirloom Baking With the Brass Sisters, Pure Dessert and Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts for inspiration.

Be sure to freeze some so this winter you can remember the gorgeous day you spent out there when you put raspberries in your oatmeal.


Does anyone know if there is a bug spray one can use specifically to repel bees? I love picking raspberries, but they're a gold mine for those stinging rascals. Also, is there a youth picture book about a child going raspberry picking and being stung repeatedly by bees?

This is a lovely post! Thank you.
My first thought was "Oh, that sounds like fun! But! The bees!" (That I'm terrified of.) :( Because I was once stung by a bee while picking raspberries. This place sounds nice though. I've been thinking about foraging lately, so it's something to think about. For when I'm feeling brave. Or am in the mood for picking berries while having panic attacks.

Funny you should mention bees-the first and only time I ever got stung by a bee was at Makielski's.
I did some research and this info is from UC-Davis Entomologist Sanford Bach
Bee & Wasp Repellent--
"For years people have been asking me if there was any kind of chemical or other repellent that would keep bees and wasps from nesting in specific cavities. For years I said,"No," and for years I have been wrong.There is a product on the
market designed to discourage nesting, or to poison adamant insects that walk on it.
Manufactured and distributed exclusively by Rainbow Technology Corporation, the product is called High Tech INSECTAPE."

I think you could wrap yourself in this tape and write a children's book about your experience. I'd definitely read that book.

Thank you for the compliment. I was stung by a bee at Makielski's for the first time in my life about three years ago. I dreaded it my whole life and found out it wasn't so bad. I would recommend using a mosquito repellent or some short of bee keepers' outfit that you could fashion yourself with part of a screen door. Above all else don't miss going to this place, you will love it.

No Pets please. There are working farm dogs on the farm.

My children and I have a WONDERFUL time going here! When I asked my 4 children (11, 9, 7 & 5) what they wanted to do after school, they all said RASPBERRY PICKING AT OUR PLACE! That's how friendly and fun it is at this farm, my kid's think of it as another home! Thanks for having the best RASPBERRIES AND PUMPKINS! I will never buy a pumpkin from anywhere but HERE! THE PUMPKINS ARE SO EASY TO CLEAN!!! I can't wait to see you all again for the 5 year in a roll! Blessings! Mom & 4 kids in AA