Letter From John and Robert Geddes to William Geddes, May 8, 1837

Author: Robert Geddes

Date: May 8, 1837

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[body of letter by Robert Geddes; postscript by John Geddes]

Ann Arbor May 8th 1837 Dear Brother [William Geddes]

In complyance with your request in your Letter of the 22nd Feb I send you A power of Attorey which to use at your discretion if you can make it quit cost well if not I do not wish to be at any I remember well my reserve of share in the estate or property of Grandmother and also it being the proposal of John Sawyer, but with regard to the sale of Personal property to Sawyer to the amount of $88 Dollars I had entirely lost all memory of it but remember well that [hole] was not pleased with the terms or Amount of the Agreement between Sawyer and my self and yet how [hole] strange that he should singn an instrument bearing so much harder on himself according to the claim of Sawyer has represented by you in your statement of his claim in Court but from All I know of the right of Father to make such an Agreement and from the Tenor of the same and from the copy of, given by you I judge it not worth A copper first because as Guadian or natural guardian he could not sell the right of minor children in realestate without an order from orphants Court which order he to my knowledge he never had nor is any such authority quoted in copy as given by you if Graydon could sell the right of his son in real estate you would or any man would say he is heir to it at once because it is at his command second it authorizers J Sawer as his Atorney to to demand receive and recover in Fathers name all sons Personal estate of Grand Fathers all sums comeing to Father now this is as you say Perfect nonsince Father was not at that time an heir to J Sawrer dec’d nor could not be unless by the death of All the children of our mother and that Sawyer could recover in the way of his claim as stated by you is contrary to all rules of equity and of justice it being no better than A gambling transaction in which no value was received by Father but like his hveing John Sawyer to pay half the claim of his children to prosper [?] in said Sawyers Possesfion Robert Geddes

To William Geddes

Postscript by John Geddes on back side of page.

May 9th 1837. I received a newspaper from you since I wrote to you. It was charged twenty five cents. Our Post master gave it as his opinion that it was marked .25 where it was mailed. Is it at all unlikely that the wrapper was taken of it and what was in it read and then put on again and then the charge of twenty five cents marked on it and a kind of way bill sent along with it. The paper before the last one was similarly marked. I hope you will send no more papers with writing on them. The money prefsure is felt in this country to some degree. we are all well